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Obesity in elderly and benefits of yoga

Yoga 1Ageing is not necessarily about slowly growing old and frail. It need not decrease a person’s ability to contribute to the society. Older people can contribute a lot more towards the society considering the experiences and learnings they have had. But this can only be possible only when they are active and healthy. Active ageing is about optimizing opportunities to enhance the quality of life as people grow old.

Verbal and non-verbal communication tips for dementia caregivers

dementia care“A 68 year old lady who is diagnosed with dementia has difficulty expressing herself as she cannot find words to do so. She has slowly lost her ability to express ideas and along with it there has been a significant change in her personality. She speaks less and has withdrawn socially. The inability to express her anger and resolve the matter keeps her agitated all the time. She refuses to talk to anybody and yells at anyone who tries to approach her. She says nobody is ready to understand what she has been going through all this while.”

Insights from our Bridging the Generation Gap Workshop at Great Times Club

Intergen 1Every individual right from birth to death is experiences different environments. External factors like time, culture, society and economic status play a significant role in shaping one’s personality, beliefs and values. Difference in experiences is one of the defining reasons for an individual’s outlook in life. Despite the differences people for a quality life it is important to work towards living in harmony. This is possible only when the difference of opinion is accepted, respected and understood.

Independence Day at Great Times Club

ID 1This August, India entered its 71st  year of independence. It’s the day when we remember the martyrs who gave their lives fighting for our freedom. Sharing the essence and true spirit of being proud Indians, we at Great Times Club by Samvedna organized a small function celebrating this great occasion. We asked our members to write their wish for India this year. We came across a lot of captivating messages from our members.

One sure shot way to bridge the generation gap in a family

Page 2 image“My mother in law and I experience a lot of conflict when comes to raising my teenage daughter. Both of us have different approaches and sometimes it gets very difficult to get a common ground, ensuing daily drama in the house…”

“My son has an erratic work schedule. His lifestyle and habits have been at the receiving end since then. I at times tell him to monitor it, but he either gets irritated or angry. I really don’t know how to make sure the message reaches him…”

Dance Workshop at Great Times Club

Dance workshop 4Exercise in any form is great for a person, and dance is no exception. Through dance we experience freedom of emotion. Be it joy, remorse, contentment, anger or sadness, dance can be used to convey each of these expressions. It is a way to express the latent thoughts and feelings one has. It is also known to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. At a physiological level, is great for developing muscle strength, body coordination, enhancing balance and also for knowing one’s body in space. The best part about dancing is that it is never restricted by age! It is an art form that can be engaged by anyone and everyone. Believing in this mantra and the countless advantages it has, we organized a dance workshop conducted by a talented and enthusiastic dance instructor Mrs. Neera Anand.