Family Counselling

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy where the psychologist helps you and your family work on problems and communication issues.

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Family counselling can help you rebuild a severed bond, learn coping strategies and skills to handle stressful situations, and learn how to be a caregiver to someone with a mental or physical illness, among others. Family counselling also provides a safe space to discuss significant transitions in life, financial or marital issues, or problems that you may not feel comfortable doing directly with your family.

Seeking professional help through family counselling may be necessary if you’re feeling extremely stressed or anxious because it will help you and your family work together. And our psychologists always provide a safe space to achieve your goals without creating conflict among yourselves.


Yes. But at times, the counsellor might ask only one or a few members to participate in the session, depending on the treatment plan and the issues you’re facing.

Our counsellors are trained professionals and are well-versed in handling such situations.

Speak to them with empathy and explain your reasons for therapy. Don’t force them if they disagree but listen to their concerns and reasons and have a non-judgmental conversation. Otherwise, you can meet with your counsellor and ask for their help.

The counsellor doesn’t put individual blame or identify the causes but focuses on solving the problems, improving communication and building healthier bonds among the family.

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