Dementia Therapies

Dementia leads to various cognitive deficits in an individual, which worsen over time.


We provide evidence-based online interventions for persons with dementia. Screening for suitability is done during the initial assessment before designing a care program.

Each person with dementia is unique and presents with different sets of signs and symptoms. Our experts create customised care plans for each client, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses.

Experts have observed that stimulation and retraining exercises help retain brain functions and slow down deterioration. With the help of these exercises, the affected person can maintain their independence for a longer duration and live a better quality of life.

Our Dementia Therapies are available offline, at home in a limited location in Delhi/NCR. Please Contact Us to know more


The interventions are done online and in person at the Samvedna Center.

The client should be able to see and hear the therapist clearly. Use of hearing and visual aids is encouraged if there are sensory deficits. They should be able to communicate with the therapist online.

There is abundant research suggesting that stimulation exercises help slow down the progression of dementia and improve the affected person's quality of life.

There are no side effects of these interventions.

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