Mental Health Support Group

The state of our mental health affects how we feel, think, act, and behave, including how we cope with stressful events in our lives and our resilience to bear the emotional struggle in a distressing situation.

Poor mental health also increases the risk of developing physical illnesses such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, and heart diseases. We’re not meant to live in isolation because we’re social animals, especially for those struggling with mental health issues. Being part of a community helps you have a sense of belonging where others understand you, especially when mental health issues are stigmatised and our loved ones may not be ready to accept your challenges. There are many benefits of joining a mental health community.

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Our community page will give you access to helpful content on mental health, information about our community events, and details about when we’re holding our support group meetings. There are many benefits to joining the mental health community if you’re struggling with mental health issues. Community gives you a sense of love and respect. It gives you a purpose when you feel lonely and isolated because nobody understands you.


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