Samvedna Care is dedicated to helping people access better senior care and mental healthcare services. Partner with us and add value to your services.

Partnering with organisations and individuals


Academic partnerships and research collaborations

We’re eager to create awareness about mental health and senior care through working with organisations and individuals in mental healthcare.

We engage in joint research programs with other academics and organisations from across the globe. We have conducted several public awareness events as well as seminars and conferences in collaboration with organisations including Heidelberg University in Germany; University College London, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University, New Delhi; OP Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Sonipat; PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Department of Psychiatry, Coimbatore and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai to name a few. We are also partnering with National Aging Research Institute, Australia in a research project about information for caregivers on Dementia.

We’re keen on collaborating with organisations. Please get in touch with us, and you’ll find our contact details here.

Strategic partnerships

We’re interested in working with other organisations in the mental health industry to promote marketing and collaborate as partners. Companies operating in patient care services may also benefit and help each other by referring patients for better care.

Vendor partnerships

You can register with us if you provide lab tests, home care services, medical equipment rental, and other services listed on our website.

Volunteer with us

We’re always looking for mental health and social care volunteers to help us in events, activities, and other areas. You can fill out a form by clicking here if you’re interested in volunteering with us.


We look forward to partnering with you. For any queries,
write to us at [email protected]


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