Lifestyle Counselling

WHO stated that only 40% of diseases are genetic, while 60% are due to lifestyle choices.

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Lifestyle counselling helps you make healthy choices and build a balanced life. Lifestyle therapy is not for mental health problems but to help you gradually improve your lifestyle by focusing on nutrition, fitness, a healthy work-life balance, and feeling content with your daily life. The counsellor structures the changes so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and you find it easier to adapt.

For example, smoking causes cancer and heart and lung diseases. A lifestyle counsellor will analyse the underlying reasons for your smoking habit to create a treatment plan. They’ll then plan how you can create an environment to manage cravings and withdrawal and set you up for success in quitting smoking.


A sedentary lifestyle might cause obesity, gastric problems, body aches, and many other ailments.

There are various parameters to assess how you’ll benefit from lifestyle counselling, such as your diet, fitness, and mental health.

Yes. Studies conducted on lifestyle counselling show that the patients had lower cholesterol and blood pressure, were fitter and had better mental health.

Yes. Your information will be kept private between you and your counsellor.

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