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Hours of Mental Health Care Services
Mental Health Solutions You Can Trust
Change can start with a single step

Take a moment to evaluate your mental health with the Samvedna self-assessment, identify areas that require improvement, and develop a plan to prioritize self-care. Remember, taking care of your mental health is essential for overall well-being.

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Holistic Solutions for your Care & Wellbeing


Hours of Mental Health Care Services
Mental Health Solutions You Can Trust
Change can start with a single step!

Take a moment to evaluate your mental health with the Samvedna self-assessment, identify areas that require improvement, and develop a plan to prioritize self-care. Remember, taking care of your mental health is essential for overall well-being.

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Our Services

Mental Well-being Services

Our mental well-being services help those struggling with mental health issues.

These services offer a safe space where individuals can seek guidance, support, and treatment for various mental health conditions. Whether through therapy, counselling, or medication management, mental well-being services can help individuals improve their quality of life, build resilience, and find a path towards recovery.

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Mental Wellbeing Services

Multiple Care Plans

Multiple care plans are available to support different aspects of well-being & they play a critical role in ensuring that individuals receive comprehensive, coordinated care that meets their unique needs.

Home Care Services
Home Care Services

Home care services help take of the elderly requiring support for activities of daily living or recovering from hospitalization Know More img

Enterprise Wellness Plan
Caregiver Self-Care Programs

Caregiver self-care programs provide support to those who care for others. Know More img

Caregiver Selfcare Program
Enterprise Wellness Plans

Enterprise wellness plans promote workplace wellness. Know More img

Why Choose

Samvedna Care?

Samvedna has been a leading mental health and well-being care services provider since 2014. Our approach is person-centric and based on scientific evidence principles. Our technology-enabled service platform offers online mental health counselling and psychiatric online consultations.

We have provided over one lakh hours of mental health services and more than ten thousand hours of caregiver support. Our expert mental health therapists will work with you to assess and evaluate your concerns before starting your care plan journey.

Our experience with various age groups and treatment of their mental illnesses has helped us to offer a wide range of care services, including Psychiatry online consultations, Dementia care and elderly care.

When it comes to mental health and well-being, we know just how important it is to make sure you and your loved ones get the care and support you need.

Start Your Mental Wellbeing Journey With Our Mental Health Assessments 

Do you suddenly feel confused or uncertain about the changes in your behavior or emotional state? Is it difficult for you to understand what is going on in your mind?

A mental health evaluation can provide insight into the problem and explain its root causes. Just like physical health assessments, mental health tests help diagnose potential problems before they escalate, allowing for early intervention and prevention.

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Mental health screening can help provide insight into the severity of a problem be it your mental wellbeing, caregiver stress or symptoms of dementia..

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A detailed psychological evaluation helps diagnose conditions such as anxiety, depression, dementia, and personality disorders besides many others.

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This mental health assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's mental state, including their thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

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A thorough evaluation can help us to develop a personalized care plan for your condition..  Moreover, mental health assessments reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

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It helps individuals to recognize that mental health is as important as physical health and that seeking timely mental illness treatment is a sign of strength rather than weakness.

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By prioritizing mental health assessments, we can improve the well-being of individuals and create healthier and improved lifestyles.

Why is a formal Mental Health Assessment Important?

why is a formal
  • Taking charge of your mental health regularly through assessments or online mental health counseling can help you identify areas of concern, develop strategies to cope with stressors, and achieve your mental health goals.
  • A mental health assessment can provide an objective analysis of your mental health and offer you a starting point to create balance in your life.
  • It is important to regularly acknowledge and assess your mental health to ensure that you can take proactive steps to improve any areas of struggle, leading to a healthier and more positive life.

When is a Mental Health Assessment recommended?

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Our psychiatrist or clinical psychologist will recommend you to go in for a mental health assessment based on a preliminary screening or self test on Samvedna MAP. 

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It is crucial to recognize the need for aid when your mental health begins to deteriorate, such as when you feel disassociated with people and things around you, frustrated, or are unable to manage your emotions. 

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At Samvedna Care, we provide the most reliable & accurate mental health assessment and advice to help you identify the underlying issues. Based on the outcome of the assessment, we can then assist you in choosing the most effective treatment plan to improve your mental well-being. 

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Samvedna Counselling Services

We provide online mental health counselling services to help individuals deal with the difficulties they are facing or struggling to cope with. Our counselling services are available at our centres, online, video calls, chat and phone calls.




Bliss is a Basic Living Support Service package. As the name suggests, we help your parent live a meaningful life by assisting them with their basic living needs.


Health Care

Our HEALTH package is designed to ensure your parents’ health parameters are monitored regularly and prevent any sudden onset of illnesses.



Our PHYSIOTHERAPY packages are designed especially for older adults with conditions like chronic pain, knee surgery rehabilitation and other ailments.


About Us


Since the launch of its mental health services in 2018, Samvedna has provided over one lakh hours of mental health and Dementia care services to patients, caregivers and their families.


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Dementia diagnosis leaves us feeling helpless and scared, however it is essential to have a dementia care plan. We can care for a parent with dementia at home with home modifications, remote monitoring devices, best communication practices and routine adaptations. Samvedna offers dementia care services with a structured approach to help families learn ways to manage a person with Dementia.

Aging Care, also known as senior care or elderly care is a special type of care that is designed to fulfil the needs and requirements that are distinct to older adults. Samvedna home care services includes doctor visits, nursing services, attendant services and ICU setup at home, pre-post-surgical care, physiotherapy, medical equipment and many other elder care services at home.

A mental illness evaluation for a loved one can be challenging if he/she is not taking the initiative themselves. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence when it comes to mental illness, however, you can support them by contacting a mental health therapist for the evaluation. The psychiatrist or therapist will support you to understand about the outcome of the mental illness evaluation. The expert will conduct mental health tests to understand the concerns and will guide the family with the treatment plan.

There is no set amount of time for psychotherapy as every case is completely unique and different. The goals of the person seeking therapy will determine the duration and length of therapy which can vary widely. Many people begin to experience some changes within 4-6 sessions. Typically, each session lasts for 45 minutes to one hour.

Family counselling or therapy is a form of psychotherapy where psychologists aim to address psychological, behavioral and emotional issues in families. Family counselling helps in developing and maintaining healthy and functional relationships. You can check the nearest Samvedna family counselling center from our website.

Caregivers experience resentment, anger and burn out due to continuous caregiving for their loved ones. The caregiver burden results from the multiple physical, psychological, social and financial stressors associated with caregiving. Sometimes caregiver counselling can help individuals to cope with the stress and anxiety and learn better coping skills.

The individuals experience various signs and symptoms of dementia that includes forgetfulness, confusion, difficulty finding right words, trouble handling finances, losing interest in normal activities. However, a mental health assessment is important for proper dementia diagnosis and typically it is done by mental health professionals. One can also take a quick early dementia diagnostic test with Samvedna MAP

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. One can improve mental health by staying positive, practicing gratitude, taking care of physical health, connecting with others, developing a sense of meaning and purpose in life, relaxation techniques and with better coping skills. You can seek support from a mental health therapist and follow your self-care plan to stay healthy.

Elder Care, also known as aging care or elderly care is a special type of care that is designed to fulfill the needs and requirements that are distinct to older adults. The vital services are attendant services, nursing care, dementia diagnosis, counselling for depression and healthcare services.

Yes, you can get a mental health diagnosis online by a mental health therapist. You will receive an appointment confirmation with details of the timing and online meeting link for the consultation. The therapist will conduct the mental health assessment through the video consultation. Samvedna Care provides online doctor consultation, making it easy and accessible for anyone to get a mental health test done sitting at home.

Some online mental health assessments are based on clinically validated tools, and they are reliable tests. However, a detailed mental health checkup is recommended with a mental health therapist for accurate diagnosis.

The cost of an online counselling session depends on multiple factors. It could depend on the counselor’s skill, experience level, type of illness and duration of the consultation session. A typical online session can range from Rs. 1000 – Rs. 5000, depending on the services.

Therapy can help older adults to improve their quality of life and find new support systems. Individual or family therapy can help the older adults to deal with their emotions and communication issues. The older adults with dementia diagnosis would benefit from cognitive stimulation therapy, reminiscence therapy, music therapy and various others.

The pandemic has brought to forefront the questions about employee mental health. For organizations to thrive it is now impertinent that they provide employee mental wellbeing services to help their teams.

Employers can take care of employee mental health by creating an environment where mental health awareness is promoted and employees are provided easily accessible services.

Samvedna provides customized employee mental health programs for organizations to support their teams. These programs include self-help programs, counselling and wellness coaching sessions.

Mental well-being at workplace can directly help employees reduce employee absentism, improve productivity and reduce burnout. It is proven. any investment in employee mental health yields 4 to 5 times ROI for organizations.

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