Arun Maira

Calm and wise counsel. Very helpful.

Rattanjot Kaur

I am thankful to Navya for taking my sessions. Basically I am not very much expressive I feel difficulty in expressing my feelings and emotions to anyone but she made it easy for me to express my inner turmoil in front of her. Everytime I felt so light after talking to her.

Minakshi Pandey

Navya was very patient and made my mum feel comfortable

Madhuri Nare

Counselor was very patient in listening and asking questions. I am looking forward to her assessment.

Precious Cornelius

Excellent session. Very interactive and actively listened and provided information for every area discussed

Moushumi Roy

Rajesh was always on time, remembered the medicines on time and was able to deal with old age mood fluctuations of my father. Good experience.

Harminder Kaur

I am able to deal with anxiety problems with the Samvedna Senior Care..My counsellor Navya has been very supportive and patiently listening to all my problems, helping me to get over with proper advise and methods.

Varinder Arora

Samvedna has a competent and professional team of psychologists and doctors to treat diamentia patients. Grateful for all the support, tips and strategies I received to look after my elderly mother.

Priya Baveja

Ravina from Samvedna Care has been working with my parents for the last two years. She is an expert with dementia patients and customizes her exercises based on their requirements. She is very caring and I am blessed to have her work with my parents. I highly recommend Ravina.

Samya Ahmed

Good proactive service and pleasant staff. Thanks!

Suchismita Banerjee

Ravina has been working with my mother, an Alzheimer's patient, for the past few months. Her caring nature and commitment to preserving my mother's cognitive abilities and exercising her social and verbal skills have shown remarkable results. My mother had been slowly withdrawing from all social interaction. Now she actively engages with us and looks forward to Ravina's visits eagerly. Thank you, Ravina, for your patience, dedication and kindness, that have made such a difference to our world and made caregiving more manageable for us. God bless.

Vipin Kumar

Very efficient staff samvedna guys provide and prompt solution in case of any issue, Thank you guys

Poonam Manghani

Pleasantly surprised at the prompt response to a requirement for my Dad.. I searched for agencies in Gurgaon and got their details online. Rohit was my first contact and was able to quickly put me through to the supervisor Surgyan.The caregiver for the night Mukesh d Souza was a pleasant ever smiling warm patient young man who looked after my Dad although for a very short duration.I would like people to give the agency a try.. They are located in Gurgaon.

Naresh Sakrwal

They really knew how to take care of the elderly. The agency remains regularly in check and that is very helpful . Provide a best worker to care. Wonderful work

Naresh Thakur

Very good experience. Doctor was very friendly . Made me very comfortable. Over all staff was very helpful and friendly. No waiting. Wonderful service providing staff Nature are so sweet specially thanku to miss monu who guide my perfect

Akanksha Mishra

Girl was respectful and very soft and caring. But was spending most of her time on her phone. Every time had to tell her to do this or that. She was not proactive, but was sweet with kids. And never said no to any work. Thankyou

N Khare

Samvedna as the name is a synonym for their people. Very sensitive and humble as well as trained to manage elderly care. The girl was very patient and quick in her work. She knew how to tackle the difficult situation. Overall great experience and would recommend this care service

Vani Sundram

Very good service and prompt response. They have the fastest turn around time. Really appreciate their efforts

Manjusha Jauhari

Very professional company and best service!! Rohit is very responsive and special thanks to him. I highly recommend Samvedna !

Vaibhav Awasthi

Had been taking counselling for my father. Samvedna has helped a lot in engaging my retired father in constructive thoughts.

Malini Mehan

Had a good experience with prompt service

Saurabh Bhola

Rohit is very professional and quick action taker. He provided a really helpful care taker. I will recommend the service to everyone.


My father is a Parkinson plus case. He has been with Samvedna for a year now. Samvedna is like a second home for him or even better, for the care and encouragement he receives here is commendable. All I know is that we couldn't have done with you all, thanks samvedna team.

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We are thankful to you for bringing back a semblance of peaceful and fun-filled communication into mom and pop's life. Your feedback notes are a learning experience and will help us communicate better with them. You have got more from them in a few weeks.

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Krupa Nair

Thanks to Raveena mam for conducting the sessions. It was very useful for my mom. She really is happy with the outcome

Tapas Sen

Meenakshi's greatest strength is that she can resonate at multiple levels. My experience with therapists in the past has been that they try and veer and steer their clients towards a standard narrative of normalcy in your area of concern. To that extent there is a degree of pre-determinism that subtly dominates and directs the therapist client interaction. In this regard I found Meenskshi's approach to be delightfully different. She doesn't attempt to dislodge you from your position on the subject. Instead she tries to make sense of it and tries to find normalcy within that space. THAT I found to be a far more refreshing approach. Overall her avancular demeanor and ability to not just hear, but listen, makes for a very reassuring experience.


When my father was diagnosed with dementia, I didn't really know too much about the disease. Then I found this place and my dad has been coming here for the last one month and I really find a good change in him, he has started looking forward to coming here. I am very happy.

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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank and the entire team of care specialists (Divakshi, Sonu, Saad, Pritika and Surbhi) for being meaningful partners in our quest to make the parents comfortable and well taken care of. It has been a long and meaningful association and Pankaj Bhaiya and I want to thank you for this partnership.

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Sangeeta Sethi

It was an educative seminar.I understood a lot and also challenged myself to get answers.


Good to hear mum is recalling a lot of memories that she was earlier unable to articulate. She seems much more self aware now as well. Thanks

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Neera Pant

The caregiver was a wonderful empathetic person who really knew how to take care of the elderly. The agency remains regularly in check and that is very helpful.

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Bhawna Bisht

It's really helpful for me, to understand me better, to helping me know more about my positive, brave, strong thoughts and also help me to know more about my strength. Thank you so much Sonam Madam for listening me and helping me in different ways, ideas, and tips.

Dhriti Rampura

Loved the session! It was extremely helpful. Thank you team Samvedna and Simmy for such an insightful talk.


The home care by Samvedna has tremendously benefited my parents and family. It has given my parents a window to express their thoughts and talents, play a game or just hear a story sitting in the comfort of their home. For the rest of the family it is a treat to see and learn how the Samvedna staff brings out the best in our elders.

Dementia Care (at-home) More reviews

I enrolled my mother with Samvedna this summer 2018 after having a detailed discussion with professionals at Samvedna as it seemed the right care for my mother who has been diagnosed with early dementia besides her medication. Ravina, who comes to visit my mother twice a week at home has been a true companion for my mom. She spends quality time with her engaging in activities such as puzzles, coloring, word identification, news, Youtube videos, recipes, political awareness, orientation of date, time, and verbal communication which involves our family history, her interests, relatives and her own well being. My mother loves talking to her although communication has been the challenge that we are trying to address here. From time to time Ravina sends me a video clip of her singing, photographs of her coloring and even a video message for me! Truly rewarding! Ravina, who is a psychologist, sends me a full report via email of each and every visit at home twice weekly and updates me of my mother's overall mental and physical well being. This is precious as I live in the US. I see a lot of connection and engagement of my mother even more so than when I had visited her. Samvedna has come as a blessing for us and I highly recommend it. They have simple yet effective ways to involve my mother in activities that keep her cognitively engaged. THANK YOU Samvedna!

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Somdatta De

I had taken support for my mom who needed someone to talk to. It was an age related thing and am very happy that Dr. Navya was able to support her. The whole process with Samvedna was very smooth and the team members are very very cooperative and patiently listen, which is such a difficult thing to find these days. My mom is feeling great now and all thanks to Samvedna team! Please keep doing the great work

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Vartika Mishra

Samvedna helped us a lot in diagnosis of our father who has dementia and also in hand holding us throughout during his violent and aggressive episodes. We took the care giver sessions as well, which were really helpful. The psychologists are professional and knowledgeable. They provide good attendants as well!!

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Udita Mohan

After much research for a good senior care organization, I came across Samvedna. From the very beginning the team (Ms Archana) was very helpful in reaching out and trying to understand my needs for a care package for my mother aged 65. Our family opted for a two of their packages. Throughout the duration of the package, we found the team to be very well coordinated, quick with communication in terms of notifying us of upcoming sessions and sharing session reports. A special mention to the counsellor Ms Meenakshi for her continued support to our mother and keeping us updated about her progress. Also to Ms Vartika for her dedicated in-person care for my mother.Look forward to continuing our services with Samvedna in the times to come. My family is thankful and proud of their continued care.

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Jasmeet Kohli

My mother had dementia. A friend suggested to use Samvedna’s services. I am so grateful to her as my mother is fully recovered after therapy from Samvedna. My father also had dementia 12 years back, at that time we did not know about any such therapy. I wish people become more aware that this treatment can help people with any type of mental health issues.

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Excellent talk by Dr. Jayashree. She is a young and learned professional and people like me will be magnetized by the knowledge from her and her team. Keep it up.

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Very interesting talk. Dr. Jayashree talk gave me some knowledge about dementia, and how to manage it when someone is suffering from it. Talk has given some hope for family members as one can't cure but control it.

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Your updates help a lot especially in a pattern with her mood changes. We took her to her doctor yesterday and he too recommended we keep her engaged and your sessions are helping a lot.

Dementia Care (at-home) More reviews

I am very grateful to have found a service like Samvedna Senior Care for my mother, since it is a service that does not impinge on her independence or sense of self but supports her (with kindness and caring) in some of the minutiae of daily life that have started to get overwhelming with age and her failing health. The care specialist from Samvedna has built a relationship with her over the last year and has gone over and beyond to help her out in all kinds of small and big ways. I appreciate that attention and care he provides weekly - particularly when my mother is unwell and therefore has a hard time accessing everyday things like getting medicine from the local market or help with things that overwhelm her like filling out official forms. I also very much appreciate the reports after every visit.

Emergency and Respite Care More reviews

Let me take this opportunity to thank you and your efficient team for the wonderful work being done for dementia patients. My father, Mr K. L. Jawarani is benefiting immensely from the therapy. In fact, the tri-weekly sessions at Samvedna are the most keenly awaited highlights of his daily routine.

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Happiness come from HOPE or let me define it in simpler words - Something to look forward to. Every day when we wake up in the morning we aspire to do things (things we love , things we just need to complete or things we do to be socially active), we look forward to execute some plan ,travel out ,meet people ,go to work etc. But for someone who has limited mobility (wheelchair bound) having retired from work with children like us busy in their own daily routines - our country does not offer much of opportunity to do things Independently. This someone is my Mom for whom we have tried to look at numerous options where she can be social with people of her age group & enjoy meeting them in other sense LOOK FORWARD TO SOMETHING Every Morning. Samvedna Senior Care has been able to provide THAT missing Look Forward to factor in our mom's daily routine. I wish them to open more and more such senior care places and spread the happiness.

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I wanted to thank Samvedna for providing excellent care for my mother-in-law and making an essentially needed accommodation for our family. I know how important your programme is for her mental health.

Dementia Care (at-home) More reviews

Taking care of your elderly parents is difficult when you are working - and even harder when you are living across the globe. I know this first-hand as I work in high tech in San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley, while my retired parents live in Delhi, India. My parents decided to live independently in their own home with no-one else nearby to help them with every day issues such as getting medications, help with making appointments and so on. The time difference between California and India makes even phone calls difficult. So I was delighted to arrange for regular home visits by a caregiver from Samvedna Senior Care. The care specialist helps manage my parents daily living needs, medications and hospital visits while sending me updates on their status by email. He is also their friend and companion and someone to talk to as loneliness is also an issue. This ensures that they are happy and reduces their anxiety level. The Samvedna service has been wonderful and I am glad to provide this testimonial.

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