Caregiver Counselling

A caregiver is an individual who takes care of a family member with a chronic illness who can’t perform their daily functions by themselves.

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Eventually, you may feel resentful, angry, stressed, and burned out. Such distress can also push you into depression and anxiety. Who cares for the caregiver, then? Our psychologists are trained mental health professionals equipped to help you manage and cope with the burnout and distress caused by being a caregiver.

Caregivers usually feel isolated or feel that they lack support from others around them. The psychologist will equip you with tools to help you take care of yourself, cope with stressful situations or a crisis, manage mental health issues, and problem-solving skills. Our psychologist will also listen to you and the problems you’re facing to create a treatment plan and help you establish and meet your goals.


A caregiver’s job is stressful, and without proper stress and anxiety management, it can impact mental health and even lead to depression. That’s why it’s essential to seek help before a major breakdown happens.

You should seek help if you start feeling overwhelmed, constantly worried, and often feel fatigued. You can also take a self-assessment test.

Psychologists have a Master’s in Psychology with extensive experience helping caregivers.

Samvedna Care offers Skype/Zoom sessions. Our therapist keeps their video on, and it is advisable that you should do so too.

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