Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy for individuals struggling with mental health issues or illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Here’s what’s included in the online psychotherapy care plans:
Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are important to understand your history and the various challenges that you are facing. Assessments also help with identifying negative or unhelpful patterns of behaviour and diagnose mental illnesses.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are an important part of the treatment plan. Once the psychological assessment is completed, the therapist will develop a care plan and identify goals with you that you can work towards.

Psychiatry Consultation

Psychiatric consultations may be necessary when medication is essential to treat a mental disorder. The psychiatrist will assess and discuss the treatment plan with you. Regular follow ups are essential to review progress and make changes in medication as required.


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Psychiatrists prescribe medication to patients diagnosed with mental illness and change prescriptions to create the best treatment plan possible.

They might work with your psychotherapist to conduct assessments and assess your symptoms during your sessions. It will help your psychiatrist prescribe medicines and manage your long term mental health condition.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) is the most common form of talk therapy for patients with mental illnesses. It’s a proven method to manage destructive thought patterns and helps you alter negative thoughts to positive ones to treat anxiety and depression.

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