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Dementia is a neurodegenerative illness which affects various cognitive abilities of a person.

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Understanding the risk factors for dementia and getting a timely cognitive assessment can help take preventive measures at an early stage. Samvedna offers memory assessments for persons experiencing cognitive difficulties. Memory assessments/ memory screenings are helpful in the early detection of dementia and are able to identify early signs of cognitive impairment. Assessment includes an interview with the family and assessing the patient with cognitive deficits using standardised tests.

It often takes years for the family to identify signs of impairment when the illness has progressed to a higher severity level. Early detection helps plan early intervention and better care for persons with dementia. These assessments are conducted by experienced mental health specialists and clinical psychologists. Care recommendations are given accordingly.


The cognitive changes include disorientation, decreased concentration, forgetting and loss of memory, poor judgment and decision-making, difficulty comprehending things, problems in communication and difficulty in planning or organising things.

No single test can confirm a dementia diagnosis. Instead, a neurologist, psychiatrist, and clinical psychologist use a series of tests and assessments. These include a thorough medical history, physical evaluation, and psychological evaluation.

The clinical assessment of dementia begins with a careful, detailed clinical history and the use of standardised tests. These tests include verbal and performance-based tasks to assess different areas of cognition. Family members are also interviewed to understand the concerns and problems they have observed over the years. Medical evaluation is conducted in parallel by a psychiatrist, neurologist or geriatrician.

The clinical assessment of dementia begins with a careful, detailed clinical history to determine the precise features of intellectual loss, followed by medical and psychological evaluation.

Changes such as slower inductive reasoning, slower problem-solving, diminished spatial orientation, and perceptual speed are typical in elderly patients.

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