Our team comprises of clinical psychologists, counsellors and therapists specialized in dementia, geriatric psychology and geriatric care.


Mental Healthcare

Our counsellors have an MA in clinical psychology with extensive experience in mental health issues.

Our psychologists hold MPhil degrees from RCI recognised universities and have worked with patients with depression, Dementia, schizophrenia, addiction and other psychological disorders.

All our specialists have experience conducting evaluations, screening tests, psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, groups and families.

Our mental health professionals are passionate about helping people with mental health issues and illnesses.

Senior care

Our Care Managers are experienced in Dementia care, senior care and mental health. They assess the elderly needs and client requirements and develop care plans for the elderly. They manage the entire care process supported by a team of care specialists, counsellors and therapists.

Our care associates have the necessary qualifications in eldercare and expertise in handling the elderly’s needs. Their duties include managing daily living activities and looking after their mental health and physical wellbeing.

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