Social Wellbeing

Our social well-being program is the most popular program for persons with dementia.

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Benefits of the program:
  • It’s especially beneficial for the elderly with initial to moderate stage dementia and is customised to adapt to the person's profile, interests and hobbies.
  • The program focuses on intellectual companionship and continued socialisation.
  • Helps with purposeful engagement and maintenance of a routine which is essential to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.
What the program provides:
  • The program combines companionship, mind stimulation activities, and board games to help keep the elderly alert and active.
  • This program helps slow down the progression of Dementia, maintains the elderly’s self-esteem, and provides improved quality of life.

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We provide mind stimulation activities such as pen and pencil and computer board games. It promotes mental stimulation and encourages learning to maintain cognitive abilities.

Dementia is a chronic or progressive syndrome that leads to deterioration in cognitive functions such as memory, learning, information processing, language, decision making, etc.

No, but most people with dementia are over the age of 65. Globally, around 4 million adults develop dementia before age 65, called early- or young-onset dementia.

One needs to identify things that can be fun such as planning creative activities, games, and social activities which an individual with dementia likes and can do comfortably and enjoy.

As a caregiver, let the doctor caring for your loved one know that you are the primary caregiver and need to be informed about your loved one’s condition and the treatments prescribed. Get professional support or support from other people who are going through a similar experience by joining a support group.

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