Mental Illness Evaluation

The causes of developing a mental illness depend on risk factors, such as a person’s environment, genetics, childhood trauma, and drug and alcohol abuse.


Depression and anxiety are globally the most common mental illnesses. In India, although around 46 million people suffer from depression and 45 million people suffer from anxiety disorders, only about 15% of individuals seek any treatment.

It’s also alarming that the onset of mental illnesses begins during childhood or adolescence, but it’s common for people to seek help, on average, a decade later.

People often don’t understand their symptoms due to a lack of awareness, and stigma causes them not to seek professional help or talk to their friends and family.

There’s no shame in seeking help if you’re feeling distressed, and avoiding taking care of your mental health can lead to larger problems in future.

This online assessment is a great way to determine if you are showing signs of a mental illness, and it can help you decide to seek help. After the assessment, you may book a session with our psychologists, and a psychological evaluation will help you understand your mental health concerns.


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