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Where can I get caregiver training on dementia in Delhi?

Where can I get caregiver training on dementia in Delhi?

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by deterioration in cognitive ability. An individual with dementia has difficulty with memory, learning new information, planning activities and becomes increasingly dependent on others for their care. The impacts of dementia, however, aren’t limited to the patient alone, it also extends to the families of those with dementia.

So, how does one ensure the best care for a dementia patient? Are there any dementia caregiver tips that you should keep in mind? Where can you learn how to take care of a dementia patient

Samvedna Care – Caregiver support for dementia patients in Delhi

If you are struggling to receive caregiver training on dementia in Delhi, then look no further, Samvedna Care is the place to be! With a host of services ranging from senior care services to healthcare, personal care services to counselling, home care programs to emergency support, Samvedna Care provides holistic care for all the elderly, especially to those with dementia. 

Family Awareness Program

The first step in ‘how to take care of a dementia patient is to accept their condition and learn more about it. At Samvedna Care, a brief medical review of the patient is conducted, which is then followed by a detailed assessment. This helps the patient and the family to understand the gravity of the disease. What follows this is a counselling plan for the patient as well as family. 

Caregiver Enablement Program

Samvedna Care follows a team approach to dementia care, and their caregiver enablement program is an embodiment of that approach. It is a cost-effective solution to empower family caregivers to provide the best dementia patient care for their loved ones. Not only does this program include psychoeducation about dementia, but it also provides caregiver counselling and caregiver training on dementia by their specialists in Delhi. The caregiver is trained on various aspects of cognitive stimulation and is given valuable dementia caregiver tips. What’s more, on-call Caregiver for Senior is provided to them by a team of Samvedna Care’s specialists.

Caregiver Support Services

Caring for an increasingly dependent family member is not easy by far, and it demands the caregiver to invest most of their time in taking care of the dementia patient. All of this can leave the caregiver feeling emotionally and physically drained. Most caregivers tend to ignore the early signs of early caregiver stress, such as fatigue and irritability, which leaves them vulnerable to symptoms of depression and anxiety. Samvedna Care is not only an expert on providing dementia caregiver training in Delhi, but it is also an expert provider of caregiver services for individual caregivers and families in the whole of NCR.

Caregiver and Family Counselling

Most families and caregivers are never adequately prepared for the challenges that accompany dementia patient care. To support caregivers and families alike, Samvedna Care has a team of specialists that help them plan and make decisions to provide the best care for their loved one without feeling stressed and resentful. 

There are full-fledged counselling sessions that help deal with caregiver stress. It is undeniably more important to first take care of your mental health than fulfilling your caregiving responsibilities.

Dementia Support Group

Samvedna Care also regularly conducts Dementia Support Group meetings for caregivers in Delhi and NCR. These meetings become a safe space for caregivers to share their experiences and challenges. Chaired by a team of experts, these sessions are interactive and provides a non-judgemental and congenial environment for everyone to engage with one another.
Taking care of a loved one with dementia sure is a daunting task, but with Samvedna Care’s caregiver training on dementia in Delhi, you will be able to do better than just take care of them; you’ll be able to empower them! What’s more, you’ll be doing that without letting it affect your mental peace. Now, that’s a win!

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