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Samvedna’s Caregiver Enablement Program

Samvedna’s Caregiver Enablement Program

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder and most patients require long term care. Caring for a loved one with Dementia is costly, demanding and taxing. It is a prolonged stressful responsibility and can have a significant impact on the overall health of the caregivers leading to caregiver burnout. 

A caregiver goes through a personal journey of struggles to accept the situation and then deal with the emotional and physical stress of looking after the loved one. It is important to provide good support to the carer to help reduce the burden of care. A caregiver needs to be enabled with information and techniques to manage a person with Dementia. 

Watching a previously capable parent/spouse becoming increasingly dependent is not easy and demands on the caregiver can be burdensome, leaving them feeling emotionally as well as physically drained. Most caregivers tend to ignore the early signs of early caregiver stress, such as fatigue and irritability, which leaves them vulnerable to symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

At Samvedna Care, we offer a cost effective but  comprehensive  Caregiver Enablement Program to empower the family caregivers to provide care for their loved ones.  This program incorporates online as well as direct personal interaction with the caregivers to enable them to manage their loved ones function at their optimal level keeping in mind the impairments resulting due to dementia.

The caregiver enablement sessions are interactive and incorporates discussion over different topics like: 

  • Understanding Dementia
  • How to effectively communicate with a Dementia patient
  • Management of challenging behavior
  • Helping with activities of daily living and safety measures
  • Providing cognitive stimulation to the person with dementia  

Many families have opted for this program and also involve their professional caregivers (nursing attendants) to provide better quality of life to the person with dementia. The sessions focus on building rapport and help the caregiver understand the importance of the program. Sessions are person centric and require active engagement of the carer and encourage them to develop an understanding of the techniques and how to apply the knowledge practically. Caregivers observe how the Care Specialists engage the person with dementia and then are guided by the Specialists on how to communicate with the patients. 

During the course of the program we also focus on home safety modifications because as the abilities of the person with dementia worsens, it becomes difficult for them to do their tasks. Home modifications helps increase the independence, safety and dignity of the person and it also reduces the burden on the caregiver. Family caregivers have reported benefits of reduced stress in managing the challenges and the program has helped make the caregiving journey a more rewarding experience.

The Caregiver Enablement Program sessions starts with goal setting and incorporating the personal situational needs of the families. The program can help deal with various stages of Dementia. For example, families of advanced stage dementia patients are trained to watch for nonverbal gestures in order to understand the needs of the patient, manage challenging behavior and difficulties associated to management of activities of daily living.

The program also incorporates use of audio visual aids to make the learning experience beneficial for the families. 

Caregiving is a demanding job and providing support for the carer to ensure their wellbeing is key to enable them to look after their loved ones.

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