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How to choose the best elder care package for your parents living alone in India

How to choose the best elder care package for your parents living alone in India

If you stay away from your parents, taking care of them, and monitoring their health isn’t always feasible. The thought of not being able to provide your parents with good care might torment you and make you feel guilty of not being there for them especially in these COVID times. The good thing is that now there are senior care packages which can help you take care of your parents. There are several care packages available that ensure the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the elderly while you are living far away from them. Here’s how to choose the best elder care package for your parents. 

  1. Opt for a Health Package 

It’s prudent to monitor the health of your elderly to avert the possible risk of the onset of any illness. Therefore, you need a health package that takes into consideration all the factors and illnesses that can affect the elderly during these times. Samvedna Care’s health package is carefully planned to provide home care services for the elderly and keeps in check the overall wellbeing of your parents. The package includes monthly doctor and regular nurse visits to monitor the health of the elderly. The Care Manager monitors the vitals weekly and ensures that the prescribed medicines are reordered every month. The health package includes monthly medical checkups as well.

    2. Ensure the Overall Wellness of Your Elderly 

Regular physical activity will ensure the holistic wellbeing of your parents. It will also provide older adults with a myriad of health benefits such as improved blood pressure, mobility, flexibility, etc. Samvedna Care’s Wellness package is carefully curated to take care of the overall welfare of the seniors. It includes sessions on gentle yoga; mind, body coordination; and relaxation exercises. These induce sleep, reduce stress, lessen the risk of depression, and enhance flexibility and mobility. A session on diet monitoring and motivational counselling by expert psychologists specialized in elderly care also takes place every month to ensure the mental wellbeing of your parents. 

       3. Support and Maintenance  

Your parents might need assistance and support to carry out everyday activities such as running errands. Due to limited mobility, they might hesitate to step out on their own. Samvedna Care’s Smile package works towards normalizing the elderly’s life and easing out the process of living independently. The package consists of home visits by care associates and home managers who provide elder care services in Delhi. They make everything hassle-free for the elders and the visits are pre-planned so a suitable time can be allotted as per the comfort of your parents. The services include assistance with bank visits, accompaniment for hospital visits, managing appointments, bill payments, grocery restocking, weekly housekeeping, maintenance work, home safety audits, and a six-monthly health check-up and review with a Samvedna Care doctor. This comprehensive package is designed to meet all the needs of the elderly that will help them lead an independent life. 

     4. Companionship 

Socialization and other social activities are a big part of the elder’s wellbeing as they tend to get lonely with time. To tackle this, you would need a package that offers the elderly with some activities and companionship. Samvedna Care’s Cheer package is exactly what the name suggests. It brings joy to the lives of the elderly by offering them companionship and social engagement. The package also includes activities that help your parents stay mentally stimulated, up to date with technology and current affairs. It also offers essentials like medication management and refills, monitoring of vitals, ambulance assistance, doctor-on-call, and a six-monthly health check-up and review with an expert Samvedna Care doctor. 

     5. Physiotherapy  

Staying physically fit in the advanced years is crucial and especially so if the elderly have existing physical problems like aches or post-operative physical ailments. If your parents suffer from chronic pain, knee surgery rehabilitation, back pain, frozen shoulder, etc, the physiotherapy package by Samvedna Care is just what they need. The sessions help in pain management and provide care for chronic neck and shoulder pain/cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, persistent lower back pain, lumbar spondylosis/sciatica, and chronic hip/knee/ankle/heel pain. The package also provides elder care for generalized weakness, postural instability, and balance impairment. Neuro care for stroke/paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and Parkinson’s disease is also offered. 

Samvedna Care puts in a lot of effort to provide the best elderly care in Gurgaon with the assistance of our highly skilled doctors who ensure the overall wellbeing of your parents while they live on their own. 

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