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Discussion on caregiver stress and coping strategies at support group meeting

Discussion on caregiver stress and coping strategies at support group meeting

Samvedna Senior Care Foundation held it Dementia Support Group meeting for family members of persons with dementia on January 5th , 2019. The event was held at our senior centre in Gurgaon. Dr. Jayashree Dasgupta, MPhil, PhD, Neuropsychology, NIMHANS, presided over the meeting, the topic for this meeting was “Caregiver stress and coping strategies”.

Dementia Support Group: Impact of Social, Physical and Cognitive Interventions

Dementia Support Group: Impact of Social, Physical and Cognitive Interventions

On 6th October 2018, we conducted our Support Group Meeting for caregivers of dementia patient. A large group of caregivers from in and around Gurgaon and Delhi came to attend the session. The main agenda of the session was to acknowledge the pain of caregivers and to help them in their needs. The topic of the session was “Dementia Management Impact of Social, Physical and Cognitive Interventions. The session was unlocked by Dr. Jayashree Dasgupta, MPhil, PhD, Neuropsychology, NIMHANS, who is the Project Director of Samvedna Senior Care.

6 ways to help grandchildren understand dementia

11336963_400820266775853_2868600213091949438_oIllness of any kind always has an impact on family members. This specially holds true for dementia.  The effects it has on the children and spouse of the person affected is often discussed and researched about. However, there’s always a ripple effect that is not limited to the immediate family members. It also passes on to the tiny tots of the family: the grandchildren.

Listening and sharing make life joyful for elderly

Our Senior Care Specialist Shezmin shares her experience of working with the elderly.

My experience as a Senior Care Specialist has been full of new experiences and challenges.  Since I come from a Clinical Psychology background, I had multiple options to start my career with, but I chose to work with the elderly. I am close to my grandparents and try to understand them and their needs, which in turn has helped me understand my clients better.IMG-20150817-WA0001

In my interaction with the elderly, I’ve observed that they are keen and have a lot to share, as their lives have been full of experiences.  They want someone who can listen to them patiently. In today’s world all of us are leading busy lives and that leaves us with little quality time for our elderly at home, which somewhere makes them lonely.  Most of them just want a little time from their children and grand children to be happy.

One of the elderly I visit asks me to call her ‘Nani’, as it makes her feel good.
She always calls me before my visit to confirm if I am coming.

Independence and empathy important for self worth, for Dementia patients

Our Senior Care Specialist Aayushi shares her experience of working with elderly with Dementia, and what she feels makes a difference to their quality of life.

It’s hasn’t been very long since I started working in the elder care sector, but this short period has given me insights that are woAyushirth sharing. My journey as a care specialist is interesting and at the same time challenging. I would like to share my experience about one of my elderly clients, who I visit every week.

She is a 67 year old lady, with vascular dementia. She had been a very independent and authoritative person all her life. But now, because of her condition, she is dependent on full-time nurses and maids for her daily living. Her son lives abroad.  He is very much concerned about her and keeps a regular check on her health and well being.

Acceptance crucial for people with Dementia

KritikaI am Kritika and I work with seniors who have a condition called dementia, which is marked by memory loss and difficulties in thinking, problem solving and language. I would like to share an experience here, so that other people in a similar situation can learn from it.

Respect, acceptance and love are important in every relationship. This is specially true when dealing with an elderly who has dementia. Acceptance of their condition, and being patient and respectful with them is crucial, as it has a significant impact on their condition and personality.