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How to identify eldercare needs for your parents staying alone?

How to identify eldercare needs for your parents staying alone?

Today, a lot of elders stay alone for various reasons. Among these reasons, most often it is having no work-life balance or a distant job where the children cannot live with their parents in the same city or make a visit to check on them, etc.

Old age comes with many problems— their movement gets restricted, their social life takes a downfall, they do not have energy for day-to-day activities, and their need for medical assistance increases. In this case, when the elderlies become dependent on others, a home care service or a care center becomes an option for those children who can’t cope with their work-life and care-taking processes.

Now the main question arises, “When does one realize that an independent older person needs help?”

There are few signs which might indicate that eldercare is needed for those seniors who are living alone, such as:

  • Outstanding bills: Aging results in cognitive impairment and forgetfulness.  There are times when they forget what they have said or done in the near past, even if it was a few hours ago. Forgetfulness can be seen when the person forgets to do any prioritized tasks that they used to finish before, like taking their medicines on time, turning the stove or geyser off or paying bills.
  • Movement restriction: An increase in age weakens bone density which results in joint pains, muscle soreness, frequent back pain, and headaches. Movement restriction often leads to the limited movement which stops them from going out or spending most of their time at home which tends to affect their mood in a negative way..
  • Untidy surroundings: Misplacing things, not allocating things at their designated places results in a messy and untidy environment inside the house. Due to movement restrictions and forgetfulness, they aren’t able to clean the household and perform everyday tasks efficiently, etc.
  • Energy Depletion: Increases in medication, joint pains, and other health issues often do not let elders go grocery shopping or fill the inventory with basic necessities leading to lesser consumption of food and a decrease in appetite. The situation worsens if they live alone since there would not be anyone to cook or do the chores.
  • Need for medical attention: Aging results in weakening of physical as well as mental health due to which the body becomes a treasure chest for various diseases. To prevent elders from these diseases the need for medications is increased.
  • Feeling of loneliness: One might find elderlies all alone, wandering in their own thoughts since their social life too takes a downfall. The urge for wanting someone around them increases, along with an increase in anxiety and overthinking which later affects their mental health.
  • Minimal talking: Due to the weakening of cognitive senses and the inability to remember things because of old age, elders are not able to converse much. Even their social interactions deplete, leading them to get enclosed in their own confined space.

These situations are more likely to occur when the elder is living alone.

What could be done in such situations?

In situations like this where the children can’t participate in the care-taking activities of the elders who stay alone due to numerous reasons, a care center or getting a home care attendant is the best option.

If these are your concerns with respect to your elders, Samvedna’s home care nursing service can be of great help. We are not just equipped but also specialized and experienced in special care services for senior citizens. This could be with respect to their day-to-day as well as medical needs.

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