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5 reasons why you need trained attendants and nurses for dementia and elder care

5 reasons why you need trained attendants and nurses for dementia and elder care

As we age, our dependency and hence need requirement for support increases. Dependency can be physical, social, psychological, or/ and  emotional and it can be even more critical if a senior develops any form of disease which has an impact on their cognitive abilities, for eg, dementia or any other related disorder. Under such circumstances, our elderly loved one needs a helping hand from a person with compassion and sensitivity to understand the disease and its related symptoms.

11 tips to prepare your elderly loved one for a surgery

hospital_elderlyWe all get a little nervous when we are advised surgery whether it is for a small procedure like cataract, hernia, prostrate etc. or something more serious like a heart bypass, knee/ hip replacement or Cholecystectomy. For some elderly the decision to go into a surgery can be more traumatizing, especially when the immunity levels are weaker and there are multiple ailments to worry about. Surgical intervention is a stressful process no matter how small the procedure is, and impacts both the physical and psychological recovery.

8 Essential qualities for an in-home care attendant for elderly

IMG_0357We all love our independence in living our lives – the independence to do things, the way we want, whenever we want. Majority of seniors take pride in being able to manage their homes and activities of daily living on their own, however, sometimes this independence is lost due to circumstances beyond control like a – fall, stroke, fracture, surgery, arthritis or other chronic ailments. They are unable to perform day to day activities like taking medications on time, cleaning the house, meal preparation, personal care, health care, etc.