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How can the risk of Dementia be reduced?

How can the risk of Dementia be reduced?

Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder that needs proper treatment and guidance, right from the early time of early dementia symptoms all the way to elderly health symptoms. Dementia symptoms in older people are significantly more important to deal with in the correct manner. So the obvious question we as normal people can ask ourselves is, how can the rise of dementia be reduced?

Good Health Care Services for elders in Delhi, like Samvedna care services for dementia patients, have been the source of some very good insights for taking care of the elderly. Their work has also led to insights regarding how a person can reduce the risk of dementia, for themselves and their loved ones. 

Things you can do to reduce the risk of dementia:

While dementia patients have the best of dementia care homes through eldercare services in Delhi and other major cities these days, it is important for us to keep in mind certain ways through which the risk of dementia can be reduced. Afterall, over 4 million people suffer from dementia in India. The least we can do is be aware of ways to reduce the risk of dementia. Let’s go over a quick list of ‘things you can do to reduce the risk of dementia.

  1. Keep your blood sugar in control: If you are diabetic or not diabetic, it’s always important to keep your blood sugar in control. Now while the body generally has a good mechanism of controlling blood sugar levels, a health with low sugar intake is a very important method of reducing the risk of dementia onset in future. More so, if you are already diabetic, you must be even more careful of not accidentally letting your sugar out of control.
  2. Monitor blood pressure: Avoid the onset of hypertension by keeping a track of your heart’s health always. This can be done by monitoring your blood pressure. One of the non-physical ways of doing this is by practicing meditative exercises and keeping your stress levels low. 
  3. Exercise regularly: Exercise is a cure and prevention to almost any disease. Exercise also helps in preventing obesity, which can be one of the causes leading to dementia in later years. Exercising regularly is hence an important precaution you can easily take to reduce the risk of dementia.
  4. Stop Smoking: Stop smoking immediately and also reduce your presence around second hand smoke. This greatly helps maintain the purity of your bloodstream to your brain. 
  5. Identify signs of depression: If you have had tendencies towards depression in the past, identify its signs immediately so you can take the necessary measures to help tackle it with tact and good medical assistance. Patients with depression have in the past have shown an ever-so-slight increase in probabilities of depression. 
  6. Avoid Excess Alcohol: While alcohol in a moderated amount per week has proven beneficial for the health, any amount more than required can directly lead to a weaker brain, thereby increasing the probability of incurring dementia. Thus avoiding alcohol is always a good precautionary measure for dementia.
  7. Treat hearing loss: The ear and the hearing sense are an integral part of the human body and your psyche. Therefore, any hearing loss must be treated from the early onset of hearing loss, and would work as a precautionary measure against dementia.
  8. Keep Learning: It goes without saying that the more you keep your brain active, the healthier it remains. Therefore, pick up a new book, try a new skill, or do anything to keep your brain in a ‘learning stage’ at all stages of your life. 
  9. Remain socially active: Having a healthy number of human relationships that are healthy goes a long way in keeping our minds happy, and less prone to mental health issues. Thus, remaining socially active is a great and fun way to reduce the risk of dementia

As with most things in life, old sayings carry a lot of weight. Prevention is better than cure. This saying cannot be truer for dementia and with respect to steps you can take in reducing the risk of dementia. Make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle, and try your best to ensure you and people under your care follow the 9 steps mentioned above regarding tips to reduce the risk of dementia.

Samvedna senior care is one of the leading good eldercare services in Delhi. Our primary goals are dementia care and eldercare. Our long experience of offering a healthcare service for elderly in Delhi has led us to become experts on all matters related to dementia and many other health issues faced by the elderly, physical as well as of the mind.  

To know more about what we do and how we do it, contact@samvednacare.com or call us at 742 8097301

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