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Winter Care for Seniors – A few tips for seniors to stay healthy and safe during the cold

Winter Care for Seniors – A few tips for seniors to stay healthy and safe during the cold

While the weather outside gets chilly and cozy, it’s also time to think about winter care for seniors. With decreasing temperatures, it may get difficult for them to navigate their daily life as mobility and outdoor activities take a backseat. However, with the right elder care in winters, it is possible for them to enjoy the season. A few simple winter season tips for elders can help them seamlessly tackle the challenges of the cold season and enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. So let’s look at some senior health care tips for winters!

Protective Clothing & Shoes

As with any season, the most important equipment for the season is getting the appropriate clothing and footwear. Ensure that your loved ones have the right and warm winter clothes for the season. Choose multiple layers – ranging from mildly warm to very warm. As the elderly can get colder, it is a good idea to get a warmer layer for them, than what you would get for yourself. With the choice of having multiple winter clothes in varying warmth levels, they can choose the most appropriate ones for both indoors and outdoors. It is also essential to pay attention to footwear as exposed feet can get very cold, very quickly and also lead to frostbite if you live in very cold areas. Opt for fully covered shoes with a good grip so they don’t slip or fall on uneven grounds or icy roads.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

As the colder temperatures keep the elderly mostly confined to their homes, it’s a good idea to put together an emergency kit for them. Power cuts, extreme weather conditions, rain etc. are some extreme conditions that you can prepare them for. In your emergency kit, stock up on emergency medications, their regular medications, a flashlight, candles, extra warm clothes, batteries and even some dry food. Keep this kit readily available to them so they can reach for it easily.

Stock up on Food & Supplies

Colder temperatures and decreased mobility can pose many challenges for seniors. For senior care in India, you can choose a trusted name like Samvedna Care to look after their daily needs. These would include stocking up for the season. From food to emergency medication – it’s best to stock up on supplies during winter. While you can drop off the fresh food at regular intervals, you can help them stock up on dry food and medicines for the season.

Follow a Healthy Diet

With the onset of winter, one can also expect an influx of the common flu and other ailments. So it’s best to take protective measures against the same. A healthy diet can help keep their immunity stronger and diseases at bay. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole foods, Vitamin-C rich foods, and sufficient nutrients are all part of a healthy diet for seniors. You can also consult their doctor for any health or immunity-boosting supplements that they may need during this season. The elderly can benefit greatly from a healthy diet as these whole foods can provide most of the nutrients that they need during this season.

Practice Indoor Exercises

As the outside exposure is limited due to weather conditions, the elderly can choose indoor exercises to stay physically fit. Cold weather can also impact age-related problems like arthritis etc. So staying physically active can help reduce the problem of these ailments. Yoga and indoor stretching can greatly improve the overall health as well as the mental health of the elderly. When the weather is conducive, encourage them to take a walk or step out for some breathing exercises in a safe and sanitized environment.

Stay Connected

With reduced mobility and limited outdoor exposure, winters can be a depressing time for the elderly and cause loneliness. Elders with dementia and other mental illnesses can face aggravated symptoms due to reduced activities. So it’s a good idea to stay connected with them and keep them engaged in mental activities as well. Talk to them over phone calls and video calls, so they know that they have company, even in these times. Spending a few extra minutes to ask about their day or their hobbies, can greatly uplift their moods and fight the winter blues. If you stay away, you can have a caregiver give them company during these times. Also look for activities like puzzles, gardening, reading books and more that can keep their mental faculties engaged. This will not only improve their mental health but also keep degeneration away, along with providing a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

With these few simple tips, you can make winters safe and enjoyable for the elderly in your family with ease!

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