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Why Is Mental Health So Important for the Elderly?

Why Is Mental Health So Important for the Elderly?

Ageing is one of nature’s realities that every living being has to deal with. As we grow older, both mental and physical faculties fade away gradually. Although this is a natural process, the rapidity or severity of change varies from person to person. Some people age gracefully and retain their sight, hearing and thinking abilities till the very end. Not everyone is so lucky and they need the support of family and caregivers to see them through the challenge that psychological problems in old age can cause.

According to the World Health organization 6.6% of all disabilities among people aged 60 or more stems from mental health or neurological disorders. While physical issues are usually identified and treated, the mental health issues for the larger part remain undiagnosed. The worry of social stigma and the association with mental illness deters people from seeking professional help for mental health. Dementia and Depression among the elderly have been identified by WHO as public health issues. 

Dementia causes progressive deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and impairs the ability to perform normal day to day activities. Although it is not a part of ageing, it mainly tends to impact the older population. The number of people worldwide suffering from dementia is expected to reach 82 million by 2030. The physical, emotional and financial pressure of dealing with dementia among the elderly can be really traumatic for families and carers. Samvedna care offers elderly mental health services for those suffering from dementia.

The other serious mental health issue that debilitates normal life among the elderly is depression. While depression is not really age specific, the older population are generally susceptible to it. Under normal circumstances, depression is often left undiagnosed and untreated. Adjusting to old age, dealing with health issues, losing a spouse or other loved ones, financial insecurity, staying away from children, etc are just a few of the reasons that could cause depression among the elderly.

If not checked and treated properly, it can become severe and life threatening. We do read cases of octogenarians jumping out of high rises and taking their lives due to depression. Samvedna Care offers counselling services to deal with psychological problems in old age. The elderly who suffer from depression often have poorer health compared to those suffering from lung disease, diabetes or hypertension.

Physical health and mental health are closely interrelated and must be addressed as a package especially among the elderly. It is important  to look out for signs of failing mental faculties and address the issue using professional geriatic psychiatric facilities. 

Samvedna Care offers several  mental health programs for the elderly that help them cope better with anxiety and depression.

After leading an active life for decades when the elderly retire, they find it difficult to deal with the transition. The change in routine, the lack of something productive to keep them occupied, the  absence of friends and acquaintances from the workplace, the world suddenly seems unfamiliar to them. Ageing brings its own health challenges and frailties as well which makes them feel like they are losing control over their lives. Add to this, the challenge of facing mortality when they see near and dear ones passing on or the sorrow of having to live alone away from their children. 

It is important to seek professional services to ensure proper care for the elderly in their twilight years.The circumstances can be overwhelming and elders may need special attention to deal with this. Samvedna Care has a  team of capable professionals who provide expert counselling for depression in the elderly that can help them cope better with difficult circumstances. Failing mental health among the elderly can be stressful not only for them but for their entire family. Samvedna Care helps families of the elderly by organising family therapy sessions for the purpose of counselling for Dementia.

Mental Health is as important for the elderly as physical health and it is important to keep tabs on both and take requisite measures at the earliest. It is not easy to deal with mental health issues without seeking professional help to improve mental health in the elderly. Regular counselling is recommended to help the elderly cope with their depression or negative state of mind.

Over the years, Samvedna Care has made a name for itself in the Delhi NCR region for the professional elderly mental health services that it provides.  The staff consists of professional counselling psychologists who are able to help the elderly and their families handle the challenges of old age and its accompanying problems.

Samvedna Care provides professional elder care services  to deal with mental health issues among the elderly This may be a result of negative thoughts, depression, coping with grief, post retirement stress, anxiety, loneliness due to staying away from children, lack of motivation, memory loss etc. The counselling services can be provided at home , online or at their centre. They also offer caregiver counselling to equip the families to deal effectively with stress.
It is important to pay attention to the mental health of the elderly and address the signs of discomfort when they become visible. Opting for professional services ensures that the elderly get the care and counselling they need to help them cope with their anxiety and depression and maintain their mental health.

Samvedna Care endeavours to provide the best elderly mental health services that can help senior citizens cope with failing mental faculties in their old age.

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