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How can Psychological Assessment Help in Old Age?

How can Psychological Assessment Help in Old Age?

With age, you experience new and different concerns. The process of accustoming oneself to post-retirement life, health issues, shrinking social circle, and lack of regular income can have an effect in multiple ways. Whether or not you notice any significant change, you should take the initiative of talking to your children and friends about anything that is bothering you. Talking out your concerns is useful in addressing issues at a preliminary stage. Along with such discussions at a personal level, it will help if you get a psychological assessment done. Such an evaluation becomes even more vital if you notice signs of aloofness, develop any chronic medical ailment or face a personal loss.

What is a Psychological Assessment?

Psychological assessment is an objective manner of assessing your mind’s functioning. It is an indepth evaluation in which multiple problems get discussed and analysed. In addition, resources and strengths also get analysed, and recommendations for appropriate interventions and services are provided. According to the study published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, “almost 45% of elderly suffer from some chronic illness, and some even have two to three physical ailments with a mental disorder.” The prevalence of mental disorder ranges from 20% to 30% in the elderly, and the most common ones are dementia (3%) and depression (10%). To assess for any issues, and for better health and wellbeing, such psychological assessments are useful.

Ways Psychological Assessment Can Help

There are various ways such assessments can help you. Below are some of the ways a psychological assessment can facilitate the right senior care.

  • Adjust to Age Related Life Changes: There are many different concerns that you may be facing for the first time. It could be a decline in physical health, loss of a dear one or relocation to a new city, which can generate stress. When you take a psychological assessment, you get to know understand why various issues may be bothering you and the best ways to deal with these.
  • Assessment of Mental Health: This kind of assessment involves in-depth discussions and often paper-pencil tests are used to understand you better. After such a detailed discussion and analysis, you can understand yourself better. This exercise comes useful in understanding if you are facing anxiety, depression or dementia-related issues. Psychologists can identify and treat these mental health concerns from a preliminary stage, making it easier for you and your immediate family.
  • Health Promotion: Along with mental health issues, you can understand how to manage your physical and other health problems better. A psychologist can recommend some health-promoting exercises and programs for overall better mental and physical health.
  • Advanced Care Planning: Such an assessment is useful for you and your family in planning advanced care. The psychologist can counsel terminally ill patients, their families, on how they can manage grief, distress and pain. They can train the patient and caregiver. You can get such emotional support from Samvedna too.
  • Post Retirement Planning: A psychological assessment is also useful in understanding your how to deal with challenges commonly faced post retirement. It could be insomnia, financial concerns, mobility issues or chronic health ailments. After this assessment, the psychologist can advise you better for the kind of support you require. For example, through simple relaxation exercises to deal with insomnia and anxiety, or light physical activities and brain stimulating games to keep you mentally and physically active. Your psychologist can advise you on what would work best for you. Besides, you also get a better understanding of your limitations and can plan caregiver support accordingly.

Psychological assessment is a potent technique to help you sail through the post-retirement phase. Once your mental, physical, emotional and social concerns get addressed, and right steps get taken, you can appreciate and live through your silver years better. If you feel the need of getting such a psychological assessment, then consult the psychologist at Samvedna Care. You can find a psychologist or psychiatrist at Samvedna in Delhi and Gurgaon. You and your immediate family can have a detailed session, share their concerns, get the right recommendations and plan your retirement phase better. Connect with the Samvedna Care team and book an appointment today.

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