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Psychological Assessment for Elderly & How They Help Diagnose Early Onsets of Diseases

Psychological Assessment for Elderly

With age, one goes through a plethora of changes. These changes happen not only at the physiological level but also at mental, emotional, cognitive and behavioral levels. After a certain age, deterioration of certain bodily functions starts occurring, which is expected. However, when these changes start affecting an individual’s quality of life and general well being, it becomes a cause for concern. Therefore, not only physical but mental health needs to be taken care of. Neglect of either may impact the overall functioning of an individual. Psychological assessment or mental health assessment for the elderly from time to time will ensure their proper mental health and help in diagnosing the early onset of various diseases.


How does psychological assessment for the elderly work?

Aging, along with lifestyle changes, makes older adults more susceptible to developing neurodegenerative disorders like dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Psychological assessment here plays an important role which involves using tests and evaluations to arrive at hypotheses related to the elderly’s behaviour, personality, and capabilities. Experienced psychologists at Samvedna Care, having years of experience in geriatric assessments, conduct various tests such as memory screening, neuropsychological assessments, and neuropsychologist reviews to evaluate the mental health of the elderly. Timely psychological assessment helps in identifying the warning signs of neurodegenerative illnesses and allows one to opt for preventive measures at an early stage. 

Different types of psychological assessments that help in diagnosing early onsets of diseases:  

Memory screening  

As age progresses, the elderly tend to experience forgetfulness. This can be a normal part of aging or can even be an early sign of cognitive decline. It is interesting to note that initial signs of dementia can surface 10 years before the actual onset. That’s where memory screening plays an important role. Experienced mental health specialists and clinical psychologists at Samvedna Care conduct the screening of the elderly. The tests performed by our trained specialists help determine whether the symptoms are of normal aging or that of dementia and give recommendations for further interventions. These evidence-based early interventions work towards slowing down the illness. Always, remember, early diagnosis of dementia can help a loved one improve their quality of life.

Neuropsychological Assessments 

Experienced clinical psychologists of Samvedna Care carry out neuropsychological assessments of the elderly which help in estimating  the level of cognitive functioning. This can help determine brain diseases and several cognitive limitations. Many older adults face difficulty in performing activities, making decisions, and carrying out tasks that they were previously comfortable with. Our comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation helps determine the extent of these problems so proper care can be provided. Many-a-times in elders with considerable cognitive and functional limitations, lesions in the brain are not detectable on imaging. Thus, neuropsychological assessment is of great help.  

Neuropsychologist Review   

Just like an individual needs physical health assessments on a regular basis, mental health assessments are equally relevant. As it is already known that with age come a lot of changes, both physical and psychosocial. Sometimes coping with these changes becomes difficult and may lead to mental health concerns like stress, anxiety, and mood disturbance. Chronic stress can further convert into psychiatric illnesses like depression, anxiety disorders or substance abuse. It is, therefore, extremely important to check in with a mental health professional for a routine mental health check up. Skillful neuropsychologists at Samvedna Care carry out a review of the emotional problems in the elderly and then devise a treatment plan. 

It is commonly seen that older adults find it difficult to interact with a mental health professional because of societal stigma or personal prejudices. In this case, they can always do a mental well being self assessment at https://map.samvednacare.com/ . For those elderly, who have mobility issues, the option of online mental health screening could be considered. 

Caring for an elderly with chronic illness is often fraught with challenges. Neurodegenerative illnesses have no cure. Their progression can only be slowed down with pharmacological and psychological interventions. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that such illnesses are identified at initial stages when there is not much deterioration. This would help in planning early intervention which would not only help the affected individual but also reduce the caregiver burden on their loved ones. 

Samvedna Care also provides nursing care services at home in Delhi and our experienced nurses are available in 12/24 hour shifts to provide the best care to the elderly. These services can be availed by anyone who is providing care to the elderly at home and needs our assistance. At Samvedna Care, we aim at ensuring the overall well-being of older adults, and the same is achieved with the constant hard work of our diligent eldercare experts. We offer attendant services in Gurgaon and senior citizen care at home so the older adults are safe and secure, wherever they are. 

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