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How to Ensure Proper Care for My Parents in Their Old Age?

How to Ensure Proper Care for My Parents in Their Old Age?

Parents give their all to bring up their children in the best possible way and provide them with all the comforts possible. As they grow old, it is natural to expect that the children will reciprocate.

Old age is a suffering that we cannot wish away. We can only help to make it easier for our parents in their old age. There may be pressing circumstances due to which we may not be able to take care of our parents on our own. It could be due to work hours or work location, personal health issues or family problems. The best solution under such circumstances is to opt for elder care services or elder home care services.

Let us look at some points to keep in mind so that our parents get the best care possible.

Build a Support System

It is best to establish a support system at the outset itself. Although you may have other family members, relatives and friends who may pitch in to help at times, it is not a sustainable solution in the long run. Instead of depending on others and creating an obligation, it is better to opt for professional home health care services for elderly if you have a busy work schedule and cannot stay at home all day. You can have carers coming home and taking care of your parent’s daily needs. Taking them to the doctor or accompanying them on a walk, giving them their medicines on time, stocking up on home essentials can all be handled by these professionals

Keep the communication channels open

Old people find it reassuring when they receive calls from family and friends. With modern technology and video calls, it becomes even more convenient as you can see the person and participate virtually at family gatherings. Call your parents or elderly relatives regularly. You can help them handle their finances and give them a sense of security about the future. You can encourage them to join an online class or teach them to use gadgets like the smartphone or laptop. You can order their weekly groceries online. In these challenging times, every comforting gesture counts. Samvedna Care has a helpline where people can call in 24*7 and hear a comforting voice on the other side ready to help and allay their fears. 

Food and Exercise 

It is important to maintain the right diet as parents grow older. They may not be able to eat much but it should be ensured that their meals are healthy, balanced, and served on time. Senior citizen diets should include green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, beans and legumes that are rich in nutrients and keep the mind active. A morning or evening walk may keep them relaxed and energized. They get a chance to meet a few people and have conversations. Samvedna provides home attendants for elderly who can accompany them on their walks. It provides a measure of safety to them and mental peace for the family to know that parents are being cared for and they are getting their meals on time.   

Regular visits to the doctor 

With old age, several health issues start cropping up that may require medical attention. It is advisable to take your parents for a regular health check-up. It is best to maintain a schedule and carry details of their medical history and the medicines they take. You may also need to cope with medical emergencies. It could be a heart attack or an injury due to a fall or a sudden pain. Samvedna offers elderly care services where they can organise these Doctor visits and accompany your parents if you are having a busy schedule.

Be careful about fraudsters

It is important to guide parents regarding the use of gadgets and the importance of not sharing passwords with strangers. With cyber frauds on the rise, it is best to be vigilant and not become victims of such scams.

Get them Insured

Old parents need to be constantly reassured about their future. It will make sense to get them health insurance so that they do not worry about the medical expenses or feel guilty about it.

Avail Senior Citizen Benefits

Everything comes at a cost and sometimes it may be difficult for the family to handle all the expenses. It is prudent to check out and avail the Senior Citizen benefits offered by the Government to ease the burden.

Senior Citizen Groups

Several neighbourhoods have senior citizen clubs where elderly people can meet people of their age group and relax. Such groups organise picnics, religious trips etc. monthly which can give elderly people something to look forward to. Samvedna offers elder care services that include taking care of the mental wellbeing by arranging community programs, sharing valuable information related to diet and light exercises that can help the elderly in their daily lives.

Collecting information

As parents grow older, they may be susceptible to various health conditions. It is better to gather information from all available resources and keep yourself informed about their special needs and what you can do to help. You can join online forums or community groups to stay in touch with people with similar needs. Information gathering and sharing are always useful. Moreover, the bonding in such groups helps you to manage the situation better

Flexibility at work

Some people may quit their jobs to look after their parents but sometimes such a drastic decision is not practical or feasible. If you have a family to support, it is not possible to give up your job and the financial security it provides. In such circumstances, it is better to have a conversation with your employer and work out flexible working hours or a temporary work from home arrangement. It is always prudent to analyze all the pros and cons before making a critical decision. You may also explore professional elder home care services who can help you balance the needs of your job and take care of your parents without feeling guilty.

There is no escape from old age and no easy way to deal with it. As children, we should find safe and convenient ways to take care of parents without getting stressed or feeling guilty.

There are several professional options available that can help in making the right decisions that can work for both children and parents. It is important to show you care and finding the right elder home care service might be the best thing you could do for your parents. This will ensure that they get the best professional care and you have peace of mind while at work.

Samvedna Cares offers several services for the elderly both at home and their resident facilities. The range of packages falls under the following categories.

  • BLISS – Basic Living Support Services package
  • SMILE – Support and Maintenance for Independently Living Elders
  • CHEER – Companionship and Health Enablement for Elderly package
  • HEALTH – Health package
  • WELLNESS – Wellness package
  • PHYSIOTHERAPY – Physiotherapy packages

You can choose the senior citizen care packages according to your individual needs and ensure that your parents are well looked after.

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