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How can you ensure that your parents are safe in an emergency?

How can you ensure that your parents are safe in an emergency?

As children, we do worry about our ageing parents and want to ensure they are safe at all times.

Not all parents live with their children. In several cases, children live in other countries which makes personal care impossible. Even if they live together, children would have their responsibilities to attend to and may not be available at home 24/7.

How do you ensure then that your parents are safe in an emergency? Ideally, you should evaluate your parent’s health and safety arrangements periodically. You should monitor whether they can complete their daily activities like cooking, bathing etc. it is better to check if their medications have any side effects that impair their activities. With age, the risk of falling and memory loss also increases. It is important to observe these changes.

It is good to be aware of the medicines and the prescribed dosage that your parents take. You can consult their doctor to find out the possible side effects and how they can impact their overall health.

Aged parents can suffer from various health conditions which can deteriorate rapidly. If you notice failing memory where they forget things, people or incidents; or they neglect their daily activities, injure themselves or you find a noticeable behaviour change, you need to be on your guard. 

Falling and hurting themselves can be very risky for the elderly as there is a risk of bone breakage which can be debilitating.

So, how can you ensure that your elderly parents are safe round the clock?

You can look at professional emergency services for the elderly as an option. Samvedna Care provides medical home care services for the elderly. They will send professional caregivers who can take care of their medical needs, ensure that they take their medicines on time, accompany them on their hospital visits, monitor their health vitals, stock up medicines etc.

You can keep the numbers for emergency response services for the elderly or emergency elderly care numbers handy. They can be written in big bold letters and placed in every room. The number can be saved on your parent’s mobile device and they should be informed how to use it. This will ensure that even if they are alone at home, help will be available as soon as it is needed.

Old parents struggle to maintain their home especially if it is large and the children have moved to other cities. Sometimes, moving to a smaller apartment may be a good idea since it would be easier to maintain. However, not all parents would agree to move away from their old home because there are a lot of memories attached. There is a financial as well as an emotional cost attached to the decisions that are taken. 

If they do not wish to leave their home, you may consider adding security systems and having a CCTV fitted so that you can keep a close eye on your parents round the clock. Having a security guard may answer the safety need but they would not be able to help in medical emergencies. It is always advisable to opt for emergency elderly care or medical home care in such cases where the caregivers are trained professionals and can assist in any emergency.

It is best if you take time out to talk to your parents, understand their priorities, discuss their needs and then proceed to do what is best for them under the circumstances. 

You should highlight your concerns about their health and safety. Do what is necessary around the house to make the place safe by adding railings for them to hold on or ramps for ease of mobility. 

You can suggest the idea of having professional caregivers and see if they warm up to the idea. You can explain the numerous benefits of receiving supporting elder care at home. Samvedna offers elderly home care facilities. 

Accompany them on the visit to the doctor and understand the status of their health and the care and precautions that need to be taken.

There are several packages available for elderly home care. You can select whichever suits your parents the best based on their particular needs.

Samvedna Care provides an Emergency Support service which would be perfect if your parents need emergency assistance in a hurry. In case of an emergency like a fall, sudden illness or hospitalization you can contact their helpline and they will swing into action immediately

Some of the emergency services provided by Samvedna Care

  • Ambulance Assurance – Samvedna Care ensures that an ambulance reaches your parents on time, in case of a medical emergency.
  • On-call helpline for the elderly – Around the clock helpline is available where your parents can call in case of a medical emergency and immediate assistance will be provided.
  • Samvedna Care has a host of add-on services like hospitalisation support, help with TPA clearance, medication management and counselling that are available on request.

So, if you want to ensure that your elderly parents are safe in emergencies especially during these uncertain times, Samvedna Care is here to address your concerns in the most professional manner possible. The range of elder care and emergency services available in Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida can allay your fears to a great extent. 

As children, we have to ensure that our parents don’t suffer in their old age, remain safe and are well cared for. Due to work circumstances, we may be forced to live separately but we can ensure their safety and wellbeing by opting for professional institutions that provide emergency services and elderly home care.

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