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What Are the Senior Citizen Care Packages Available for Elderly Parents?

What Are the Senior Citizen Care Packages Available for Elderly Parents?

A bud blooms into a flower only to wither away over some time. Parents work hard to give their children the best life they can. They deserve some peace and comfort in their old age and it is up to their family to ensure that they can lead a dignified life in their old age. It is important to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing as age catches up and slowly impairs their faculties.

By the time parents turn old, the children grow up with families of their own and have to shoulder multiple responsibilities. In several cases, children have relocated to other cities or countries in pursuit of a career and it becomes difficult for them to give up all that and return to personally take care of their parents. Parents may not be interested in moving in with their children, either. Under such circumstances, it is better to identify proper professional senior citizen care packages that can take care of all your parent’s needs while you are away. The best part about senior care services is that they can get them in the comfort of their home. There is no compulsion to move to an old age facility if elder care at home facilities are easily available.

Samvedna Care provides a range of elder care packages that are designed to manage the various needs that elderly parents may have. Depending on your requirements, you can select the package that is the best fit for your parents’ needs.

A Health Package

It is important to have the health vitals of elderly parents monitored regularly. If you are having a busy schedule it is better to opt for the Samvedna health package which provides home care services for elderly. The care manager and the care associates will pay periodic pre-planned visits. They will accompany your parents to the doctor, manage appointments and assist in settling bills. Bi-annual health check-ups by the Samvedna Doctor are included in the package. The caregivers will help in going to the bank, monitor living conditions, safety, hygiene, grooming needs, etc.

Find a plan suited to your needs

If you have old parents who wish to live independently but require some logistic support to manage their activities you can look at Samvedna’s SMILE package that aims at putting a smile on the face of their clients. Senior citizens tend to feel better when they are cared for, in the comfort of their own homes. The Smile package includes regular visits by the care associates and the home manager. Apart from the bi-annual health check-ups with the Samvedna doctor, the package includes managing hospital visits, grocery restocking, household maintenance and 

housekeeping, home safety audits, assisting with bank visits, bill payments etc.

Basic Health Package

If you are an NRI and your parents do not wish to relocate because they are used to the city they have been living in, you would be better off seeking professional elderly care.

If you want the focus to be on regular monitoring of the health of your parents, you can opt for the basic health package for senior citizens. The package includes one monthly visit by the doctor, weekly visits by nurse/ care manager, weekly testing and tracking of BP and Sugar, Reordering medicines and filling the pillbox and bi-annual checkups. This package ensures that all body vitals are being regularly checked and tracked for peace of mind and quick remedial action.


As parents grow older, they feel lonely and yearn for companionship. They need someone to talk to, share their thoughts and voice their feelings. Samvedna has a package tailored to meet this need. Their CHEER package is equipped to provide companionship to elderly citizens and take care of their health needs in the convenience of their homes. The package includes multiple visits by the counsellor and care manager and one monthly visit by the Doctor. A bi-annual health check-up by the Samvedna Doctor is included in the package. The package takes care of the companionship and socialization needs by paying regular visits to their home and ensuring their emotional well being. Also, it includes teaching them to use technology, updating them on current affairs, medication refills, monitoring health parameters, ambulance assist and doctor on call. If you are living away from your parents, this would be an ideal package as your parents will get the personal care that they yearn for.


If you are interested in the holistic wellbeing of your parents and would like a comprehensive package that takes care of physical and emotional wellbeing, you can look at Samvedna’s Health and Wellness program for Senior Citizens. As they grow older, they need to relax and feel at ease. A combination of diet plans and monitoring, light yoga, mind-body coordination exercises and relaxation exercises along with some motivational counselling rejuvenates their minds and bodies. These sessions are available online. This may keep your parents engaged for some time in productive activities that would yield them significant health benefits.


One of the common accompaniments of old age is joint pain and aches which severely limits the mobility of elderly people. If your parents suffer from chronic pain, you may look at Samvedna’s physiotherapy for elderly package. It is specially designed for people with chronic neck and shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, sciatica and chronic pain in the hip, knee or ankles. It also covers people who have joint pain, balance impairment and generalized weakness. The package can also help the elderly who have suffered from a stroke, paralysis, spinal cord injuries or Parkinson’s disease. It includes 6-8 sessions by specialists. If the elderly are physically ill or in need of post-operative care, it makes sense to opt for home care for elderly so that they can recuperate in a known environment.

There are several tailored senior care packages available and you can select the one that suits your requirements. If you wish to see your parents taken care of properly even when they are alone, you should opt for professional elder care packages instead of hiring a household help to look after them. Instead of forcing elderly parents to relocate with you to unknown cities, you may be better off providing living assistance to elderly by opting for the right professional home care. Opting for professional senior care services will give you peace of mind and give your parents the care and attention they deserve.

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