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Re-organizing life after children move out

DSC02635Indian Culture is known for being collectivistic. It is extremely common for young adults in India to continue to live with their parents even after they start working. Although the number of nuclear families is on the rise a good number of adults continue to live with their parents even after they get married. Most commonly, a woman moves in with the family of her husband.

8 family conflict resolution tips from our intergenerational workshop

IMG_2525Family conflicts leave us feeling angry, hurt, sad, rejected and often helpless. This gives rise to the common response of avoiding conflicts. We often find ourselves giving or being given the advice to stay calm, adjust and not fight, not argue, not create a source of tension. This comes from the seemingly obvious assumption that conflicts are bad and the fewer conflicts we have with people, especially family, the better it is for our relationship.

Insights from our Bridging the Generation Gap Workshop at Great Times Club

Intergen 1Every individual right from birth to death is experiences different environments. External factors like time, culture, society and economic status play a significant role in shaping one’s personality, beliefs and values. Difference in experiences is one of the defining reasons for an individual’s outlook in life. Despite the differences people for a quality life it is important to work towards living in harmony. This is possible only when the difference of opinion is accepted, respected and understood.

One sure shot way to bridge the generation gap in a family

Page 2 image“My mother in law and I experience a lot of conflict when comes to raising my teenage daughter. Both of us have different approaches and sometimes it gets very difficult to get a common ground, ensuing daily drama in the house…”

“My son has an erratic work schedule. His lifestyle and habits have been at the receiving end since then. I at times tell him to monitor it, but he either gets irritated or angry. I really don’t know how to make sure the message reaches him…”

5 ways to help parents be more receptive to professional elder care

senior careThe role of children reverses from being cared by their parents to becoming caregivers of their parents. This shift in roles may not be easily accepted by all parents. They are likely to be reluctant to give up their independence and allow their children to make decisions for them.  Even though the children grow up as adults their parents see them as children only and communicating to them that they need professional help can lead to a power struggle and hurt feelings.

15 ways you can help your parent find a purpose in life

CaromWhen seniors reach the age of retirement they often come up with a question….now what? All of a sudden they find themselves with ample free time and old age can be a lonely time in a person’s life. Some people lose their significant other; others have family or friends that move away and some develop health issues that prevent them from leaving the house. Living without a purpose is enough of a reason for many elderly people to isolate themselves from any social interaction and often go into depression.