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10 tips from our Internet Banking and Online Shopping Workshop at Great Times Club

Internet Banking workshop2In this age of ecommerce and internet banking we realized that many seniors are still quite hesitant to use technology for their banking and shopping needs. There is a sense of vulnerability and insecurity of not getting it right. We were not surprised when we found out that only 20% of the participants in our workshop on “Internet Banking and Online Shopping” were actively transacting on the net.

6 tips from our Basic Photography Workshop at Great Times Club

Photography workshop 2Last week we organized a Basic Photography Workshop for 55 years+ at Great Times Club. The workshop covered topics like what makes a good photograph, knowing your camera, subject selection, use of natural light vs flashlight, type of shots, angles and composition. The participants enthusiastically tried some of the techniques discussed, and also asked lots of questions about what makes a good photograph and which camera is suitable for beginners.

5 ways to help parents be more receptive to professional elder care

senior careThe role of children reverses from being cared by their parents to becoming caregivers of their parents. This shift in roles may not be easily accepted by all parents. They are likely to be reluctant to give up their independence and allow their children to make decisions for them.  Even though the children grow up as adults their parents see them as children only and communicating to them that they need professional help can lead to a power struggle and hurt feelings.

15 ways you can help your parent find a purpose in life

CaromWhen seniors reach the age of retirement they often come up with a question….now what? All of a sudden they find themselves with ample free time and old age can be a lonely time in a person’s life. Some people lose their significant other; others have family or friends that move away and some develop health issues that prevent them from leaving the house. Living without a purpose is enough of a reason for many elderly people to isolate themselves from any social interaction and often go into depression.