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How to take care of physically ill or post-operative elders at home

How to take care of physically ill or post-operative elders at home

Caring for a physically ill or post-operative elder at home might not be as easy as it sounds. As older adults are weak and have limited mobility, they should be looked after with extra care and compassion. With proper caution and supervision, the elderly will heal properly in due course of time. You can follow the below mentioned ways to take care of the physically ill or post-operative elder at home and ensure they get back on their feet as soon as possible.

  1. Get a doctor’s consultation at home

Physically ill or post-operative elders might require regular checkups by the doctor. As he/she might not be in a position to commute to the doctor, you can book an appointment for a home check-up. Prepare a list of doctors beforehand, which can come handy during an emergency. In case you are unable to find a trusted specialized doctor, we are here for you. Samvedna Care offers doctor consultation for senior citizen care at home. The general physician pays a visit to the elderly with common routine emergency health situations that can be treated at home.

  1. Opt for home nursing services

It might not be feasible for you to look after the elderly 24×7 as you might be occupied with work. The home nursing services come off as a great option in such conditions. This will ensure the elderly are in good hands and will be monitored properly. At Samvedna Care, we offer nursing services for senior citizens with special needs. Our compassionate and skilled hospital/ICU nurses are available in twelve/twenty-four-hour shifts. They can manage the elderly who are in need of critical care under the doctor’s supervision.

  1. Choose physiotherapy for the elderly

In the recovery phase, it’s crucial that the elderly are in the hands of well-trained, experienced professionals. They will help the older adult with the restoration of function, movement, and improvement in the balance to prevent falls with the help of physiotherapy. It also works towards avoiding any more damage in the already affected area. Home care services for the elderly like physiotherapy at home will be highly beneficial as the elder won’t be able to commute. In these circumstances, you can also opt for online physiotherapy services for orthopaedic needs, stroke patients, and post-operative rehabilitation.

  1. Diagnostics services at home

Instead of the physically-ill elderly visiting labs for diagnosis and blood tests, it’s better to get him/her tested at home. We offer lab tests and diagnostics services for senior citizens at home so they can do away with commuting and coming in contact with other infections and diseases. The lab tests will monitor essential routine health parameters of senior citizens like lipid profile, blood sugar, thyroid levels, electrolytes, vitamin B12, D deficiencies, and many other tests. The blood reports are also delivered at home to make everything hassle-free.

  1. Care management services to look after the older adult

In case you aren’t able to attend to the elderly because of some other commitment, you can opt for patient caretaker service. The caretaker will support the elderly and take care of him/her. At Samvedna Care, we have trusted and highly trained care managers who closely monitor the elderly’s well being and keep the family updated along with facilitating physical and emotional care.

Physically ill or postoperative elders need to be handled with care and our experts and highly skilled doctors make it a norm to provide the best care. We aim at ensuring the overall well-being of the elderly and the same is achieved with the constant hard-work of our eldercare experts.

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