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How to ensure an independent lifestyle for your parents living alone in India

How to ensure an independent lifestyle for your parents living alone in India

If you are among those who live far away from their parents, you would constantly be worrying about making sure their life is as comfortable and independent as it can be in your absence. While the same concern is shared by your parents for you as well, age is on your side!

It could be that you are an NRI which is why your parents prefer to stay where they have settled or just that they are more comfortable living in the city that they have lived in for so long. Their social life, no matter how limited, is extremely crucial to them. And while the concern is still relevant, Samvedna Care does provide holistic elder care services in Delhi to take as much worry off your mind as possible.

Here are some of the ways with which you can ensure an independent lifestyle for your parents living alone in India:

Regular and Quality Healthcare

There is no questioning the importance of regular healthcare check-ups for those in their later stages of life. And for most children, ensuring quality healthcare for their parents is unequivocally worrying. To help overcome this, Samvedna Care provides a holistic range of elder care and home care services for the elderly. What’s more, their emergency support services promise the facilitation of a speedy treatment should the emergency arise. Be it conducting lab tests, scheduling a thorough assessment every month by a physician or requesting the right elder care at home in Delhi, Samvedna Care has you covered in every way possible in regards to the provision of elder care in Delhi.

Making sure they live people of a Similar Age-Group

It is no surprise that people of a similar age would gel better together. Moreover, people in their later years prefer to spend more time with either their families or those who they can relate more with; people their age!

It keeps them happy and active, something that makes a world of difference to the physical, emotional, intellectual and mental health of elders. 

While there are many ‘old age homes’ in Delhi, the eldercare and home care services provided by Samvedna Care are far more intimate and specialised.

Ensuring their feeling of Self Reliance and Dignity is uncompromised

The feeling of being dependent on someone is despised by almost everyone, especially by elders! To them, the ability to stay self-reliant and live capably as an individual is more important than they can explain. Not only do they associate their independence with their dignity, but they also associate self-reliance with self-respect.

However, with age comes a host of issues, and sometimes they affect the most simple and mundane of chores. Things like going to the bank or standing in a queue for paying bills becomes outstandingly strenuous. And sadly enough, sometimes there are far more basic activities that are severely affected by old age.

When elders start finding difficulty with their daily chores, which is when everything seems to fall apart for them; their confidence, their pride associated with self-reliance, all of it! Hence, the caregivers from Samvedna Care are very personal, intimate and sensitive in their act of caregiving for elders. From taking care of their general well-being to offering them intellectual companionship, these caregivers encapsulate the very essence of caregiving. Samvedna Care’s elder care services in Delhi make sure that the feeling of self-reliance and dignity for your parents stays uncompromised.

Ensuring an independent lifestyle for your parents living alone in India might seem like an extremely challenging task but, with the help of the expert care from Samvedna Care, you’d be able to do just that (no matter the distance between you and your parents)!

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