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6 benefits of group meditation

Naturopathy 2Socializing has been redefined by the technological innovations. It has made social interaction way too easy, but one which is only virtual and not real. Without realizing we spend a huge amount of our everyday lives on various social media platforms through a host of new gadgets. It gives us a false sense of feeling connected with so people nearby and around the globe by keeping us updated on what is happening with them. We have become so comfortable in this zone that the need and thereby the effort for staying connected by meeting people face to face has declined drastically.

My experience as a dementia caregiver – Arun Roy

dsc02635My wife Mrs. Suchismita Roy, M.Sc. (Physiology), B.Ed suffers from Alzheimer’s disease for the last 8 years.  She was a brilliant student and a rank holder in Kolkata University B.Sc. & M.Sc. exams. Later on as an educationist she was the Principal of DAV Public School, Ashok Nagar, Ranchi and DAV Kapil Dev Public School, Ranchi and was considered as one of the best principals in the DAV schools in eastern India.

An introduction to Ikebana workshop at Great Times Club

img_0747 One of the objectives of our senior club is for our members to share their skill and experiences with others, and thereby create a platform for collaboration and sharing and enjoying company of like-minded people. As a part of this initiative our member Mrs. Indira Mishra, a renowned Ikebana expert, conducted a workshop around this unique art form for both members and non-members at our club.

Festivals and dementia agitation

dementia-and-festivalsThe festive season is here. Dusshera just went by and now households are gearing up to celebrate the many festivals lined up in the coming days. There is certainly more than one reason people look forward to the fun frolic at this time. Not only are there festivities, members of the family get together and celebrate a joyous occasion.

10 reasons why seniors end up in the ER (emergency room)

I can help you.

I can help you.

Mr. Rathore is an independent senior who lives alone in his house. His children are settled abroad and his wife passed away few years back. He is fond of gardening and  spends a lot of time looking after his plants. One day he was watering his garden and suddenly got distracted by a phone call. He rushed to answer the phone and he slipped and had a fall. He tried his best to get up and reach out for help but failed. His attendant was out to purchase some groceries. No primary caregiver was available at home. Who is going to help him during this emergency?

7 ways to ensure emotional wellbeing of elderly parents


image3‘Change is the only constant of life’

How rightly this line summarizes what life holds for us. Each transition in life has certain pros and cons, bringing with it new adjustments. The same holds true for those individuals who are now progressing towards old age. While going through this transitory phase, there are a gamut of changes that come along, together with declining physical health adding to stress. At this stage people often have questions about their purpose and meaning of life.