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Doctor’s talk and Yoga workshop at Great Times Club

Yoga 1In India approximately 7 crore people suffer from diabetes, as a country we are the second most diabetic country in the word. Therefore it was not a surprise when Dr. Satish Chawla suggested that he would like to do a talk on Diabetes and related ailments for our members. It was a simple and informative discussion explaining the symptoms, criteria and complications of diabetes. He recommended a diabetic diet and the importance of calorie intake in controlling diabetes.

Smart Phones and Seniors – Workshop at Great Times Club

Smart phones workshop 1

A workshop on “How to use smart phones” was held at our club recently for senior citizens. In a group of 20 people there were 6 different brands of smart phones with at least 8 different models. It was a challenge dealing with so many versions and features. Everyone had lots of questions and anxieties about their internet usage, settings and spam messages. There were all sorts of queries on apps, downloading /uploading, google maps, and battery usage.