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I do understand that there is a section of our society that truly needs help in old age. And that includes me. But I also feel that if we create old age homes and institutions such as this, chances are that people will carry less guilt for leaving their parents, often suggesting that why don’t you join there instead of coming to us. No parent would like to be away from own child. Often mothers don’t reveal the physical and mental abuse that they go through. If instead, we could strengthen laws, so that children would be inclined to turn to parents, and if we made the views of elders count for changing the society, quite like using them like Roman elders, they would get more respect I suppose.

Foreign Language Classes for Senior Citizens

Foreign Language Classes for Senior CitizensSpanish Language classes are being conducted at Samvedna Senior Citizens’ Activity Centre. Learning a foreign language can help prevent onset of diseases like Dementia. Our instructor Ms. Bhavna Gautam Richards has a degree in teaching of Spanish from Universidad-Antonio-de-Nebrija-Madrid, Spain. She is a Gold Medalist in Spanish from JNU, India


Workshop on Healthy Ageing at Samvedna Senior Citizen Centre

Workshop on Healthy Ageing at Samvedna Senior Citizen CentreA Workshop on Healthy Ageing was held on 8th May at Samvedna Senior Citizens’ Activity Center, Sector-57, Sushant Lok Ph III, Gurgaon.  The Workshop was conducted by Dr. Harshbir Rana, PhD. in Social Gerontology from Delhi University who has worked on the socio-cultural and psychological aspects of ageing.



Cancer is like catching a cough or cold! Don’t Worry!

Cancer is like catching a cough or cold! Don’t Worry!On 8th, February 2014, Samvedna Senior Care was invited to attend the Cancer Survivors Day at Dilli Haat, New Delhi.

One of our members from our Senior Citizen’s centre is a survivor, member, volunteer in this organization. Men, women and little children gave stunning music and dance performances celebrating life. I was particularly impressed by the solo dance performance on the 90s hit ” dil hai chota sa…” and the Cankids performing to the song ” naani teri morni ko mor Le gaye…”


Republic Day Celebrations at Samvedna Senior Care Centre

Republic Day Celebrations at Samvedna Senior Care CentreWhile the nation revoked its patriotic sentiment watching the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi on TV or in person at the parade, some of our senior Delhites took a day out to celebrate the day like it should be. Singing patriotic songs, recollecting past Republic Day memories and chanting national slogans with their grandkids and making new friends.
The Republic day celebration, at Samvedna Senior Care Centre, was a heartwarming experience for all of us. While most of our senior member confessed that it has been years since they last took part in a Republic Day celebration, others rejoiced in narrating stories from their past Republic Day celebrations, back in the day.

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