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Painting therapeutic for seniors

painting3 copyWhy do we paint? …We paint to communicate an idea and to express ourselves. Just as the physical body requires certain nutrients to survive, so does the human soul. Painting, like other arts, is therapeutic. Through expression, it helps in emotional release. This leads to a general sense of relief and over all better mental health. Several studies show that art can reduce depression and anxiety.




India is going through a major demographic transition with the rapid swelling of the senior population. Low birth rates coupled with longer life expectancies push the population to an ageing one. According to census 2011, 8.6 % of India’s population is 60 years and above.

Ageing process is not only affected by the physiological changes in the body but also by changes in the psychosocial conditions. Being mentally healthy not only means absence of any psychological condition but the optimum use of our cognitive functions and an optimistic thought process.

STRESSED Is DESSERTS Spell backwards

IMG_7544A workshop on stress management was organized by our counselors at our Senior Activity Centre. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the members to simple techniques to help manage stress. The care givers presented some relaxation techniques like chanting, deep breathing and physical exercises. The members also shared how they try to relieve their stress. While one of the members liked to talk it out, another takes long walks and a third one liked to divert her mind into some other activity. At the end of the workshop an activity was conducted in which participants were given real life stress invoking situation and were asked how they will react in that situation. The workshop was well received and members learnt to be aware of their stress levels and to manage stress.