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Doctor’s verdict – Alzheimer’s and Anesthesia

Brain Dark BlueWe recently came across an article on the effects of anesthesia on Alzheimer’s, and how the two of them don’t mix well. You can read the article here – Alzheimer’s and Anesthesia.

We asked our in-house Geriatric Physician Dr Chawla to comment on this. Dr. Satish Chawla MD, FACP, AIIMS, who is a retired Geriatric Physician from the United States Navy. He is an expert in geriatric medicine. Here is what he had to say –

8 family conflict resolution tips from our intergenerational workshop

IMG_2525Family conflicts leave us feeling angry, hurt, sad, rejected and often helpless. This gives rise to the common response of avoiding conflicts. We often find ourselves giving or being given the advice to stay calm, adjust and not fight, not argue, not create a source of tension. This comes from the seemingly obvious assumption that conflicts are bad and the fewer conflicts we have with people, especially family, the better it is for our relationship.

Dementia support groups are a great outlet and platform for caregivers

DSG 2I am working as a Dementia Care Specialist at Samvedna Senior Care. We organize Dementia Support group meetings for caregivers on a monthly basis and invite people from various parts of Delhi-NCR to come discuss, support and share their stories. This meeting is free of charge for dementia care givers.

Incontinence in dementia

Incontinence2Controlling ones bowel and bladder movements is something most of us learn at an early age. Incontinence is the loss of this control. A person with incontinence involuntarily leaks the urine or faeces or sometimes both.

In urinary incontinence, there is a sudden urge to urinate such that the person is not able to control it till he or she reaches the wash room. Faecal incontinence is a less common problem in which people might pass faeces without even realizing.