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7 travel tips for senior citizens

DSC01845We all look forward to enjoying and relaxing in our time off, away from the heat and chaotic lives in the cities. For children and their parents it is a break from their occupation and daily living demands. For a senior citizen it is no different. Travelling as a family is a great way to reconnect and spend quality time with loved ones, who otherwise are busy.

Physiotherapy at Great Times Club

Physio 1A physiotherapy workshop was organized at our Great Times Club for seniors last week.  The workshop started with demonstration of  chair exercises which can be easily done by seniors sitting on a chair. Our physiotherapy team of Dr. Lamba and Dr. Vivek talked about the importance of walking, swimming and exercises to stay fit and lead a healthy life.

“Someone for us seniors to rely on, at the time of an emergency.”

IMG_9162Mrs and Mr Sharma have been living in Delhi for the last 2 years, and their children were settled abroad. Both of them have a history of medical illnesses. They have a house support staff of 2 and also a driver to help with the demands of daily living.

Very recently Mrs Sharma had a fall and needed to be hospitalized. Here is Mr Sharma’s account of his experience –