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10 Activities at the workplace to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

10 Activities at the workplace to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

This month is dedicated to raising awareness about mental and behavioral health disorders and reducing the stigma that many people face. At Samvedna we are pioneering new approaches to reduce detection gaps and treat mental illness, by integrating physical and social health care and forming community collaborations on mental health assessment.

This article outlines ten effective and easy methods to raise mental health awareness in the workplace, de-stigmatize the issue, and motivate employees to seek assistance if they need it. These methods increase the value of medical care by improving patient outcomes, treatment quality, and overall costs.

#1 Organize a workshop on reducing stress

Stress hormones activate a fight or flight reaction in our body, leading to long-term physical and mental problems if not addressed. Stress may cause various health problems, including headaches, heartburn, sleeplessness, and a bad temper. This mental health awareness month, ask your benefits director to arrange a stress-relieving activity course. Knowing that there are healthy methods to deal with stress will help your employees!

#2 Educate and inform on Mental Health Awareness

The first step in developing positive psychological health in our society is raising mental health awareness. For your workers, this involves promoting mental health awareness week through all official channels and ensuring that they understand how to readily use any available assistance and services without being judged by others.

This might include explicitly identifying internal processes and emphasizing any other direct or indirect choices that can provide further wellness assistance.

#3 Build rapport

According to a British joke, many of the world’s troubles may be remedied with a nice cup of tea. While research doesn’t specifically support this claim, purposefully setting aside time to interact with a colleague over a cup of tea, virtual or real, may be highly soothing and provide crucial support. One of the cornerstones for creating solid psychological health is taking a moment to cultivate these unofficial social ties.

#4 Nurture the body and mind

Many of us at work face different challenges every day. By encouraging everybody to take a short break from their tight work schedules and refocus, a brief meditation or inclusive fitness exercise might help ease this sensation. Meditation may help interrupt problematic emotional patterns, while a yoga class can increase self-esteem while decreasing stress levels.

#5 Grow and learn

Knowledge is power and perhaps one of the most effective methods to raise mental health awareness is to educate people and share our knowledge. A virtual event addressing the obstacles to emotional wellbeing will raise public awareness – and perhaps generate some excellent ideas.

#6 Share experiences

We all have to look at things from various angles now and again. Having a guest speaker share their psychological health experience can create a meaningful dialogue; it will also inspire your staff to ask questions to others and seek help on their own. Seminars, workshops, and training may also help everyone with the knowledge they need to support their mental health and the mental health of others around them.

#7 Donate to a good cause

Ensure that everyone has access to mental health support regardless of financial status or geographic location. Pick one or more causes that connect with everyone and donate back. Many overlooked mental health concerns around the world need support.

#8 Show your appreciation

Recognition is a crucial motivator in workplace mental health, according to studies, and it is beneficial to our mental health when we feel rewarded for our efforts at work. Be sure to recognize others for their accomplishments and share a little joy, whether you recognize a colleague’s effort on a recent project or thank them for being themselves.

#9 Begin a conversation

Mental health is like a continuum, and raising awareness requires all of us to do a mental health assessment to understand our mental well-being.  So start the conversation and be a part of the change talking about it honestly and without stigma. Many of these discussions are already taking place online. Every year, we see many people use this time to share personal and unique tales on various social media.

#10 Inquire about your employees’ plans for the month

Everyone’s definition of mental health is different, and how you nurture it at your company will rely on how your employees see their mental health. For others, embracing mental health may include getting together for a cup of coffee and a discussion, while others may choose to take a wellness class or spend time alone reflecting.

The Last Lines!

Inquiring into how your employees would want to commemorate mental health awareness week will ensure that their opinions are heard and pave the road for a more open and comprehensive emotional health culture at your company.

Let's Talk about mental health
Let’s Talk about mental health
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