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Note from our Founder: Celebrating 5 years of Samvedna!

Note from our Founder: Celebrating 5 years of Samvedna!

When I set out to start Samvedna in early 2013, honestly, I had a hazy picture of what I wanted to do. The only thing that was clear to me was to make a difference in the lives of seniors, break the mundane routine and do something about their loneliness and social isolation. The idea of an activity centre, a platform for seniors to socialize and also channelize their energy in a positive way, was thus born. Soon we realized that a lot of seniors cannot come to the centre because of mobility issues, hence the home services were developed.

Caring Relations, Caring for Ageing – Workshop and interactions with Heidelberg University, Germany

IMG_0568It was our pleasure to host the students and professors of Heidelberg University, Germany and JNU, Delhi for a workshop on Caring Relations, Caring for Ageing. This is a part of an ongoing DAAD Project, New directions in Active Ageing and Age Friendly Cultures in India and Germany.

At the inauguration of the workshop at JNU, our founder Archana Sharma shared her thoughts with the group on Samvedna’s journey and its challenges and the changing social relationships in context of nuclear families in big cities like Gurgaon.