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Application and benefits of Bright Light Therapy for dementia patients

Light-Therapy-for-AlzheimersBright Light Therapy utilizes specific simulated light to treat sleep disorders, shift one’s biological clock, or synchronize one’s sleep / wake cycle with the daylight /night cycle.

Our body has a natural cycle that makes us feel sleepy at night and helps us wake up in the morning. This cycle is controlled by circadian rhythm. We all have sleep problems from time to time when we go out of sync from our body’s natural rhythm. Some people develop more serious sleep disorders requiring treatment.

Cognitive Wellness for early dementia and depression

CWP6Our Cognitive Wellness Programme is designed for individuals with Mild to Moderate Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment or even Depression. It combines a wide range of activities that are known to provide mental and physical stimulation with an aim to slow the progression of dementia.

As part of this program, we have included Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), an internationally recognized therapy that has been shown to be successful for people with dementia. This is an evidence-based therapy in which we conduct group sessions centered around a theme.