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Prepare, Not Panic  Let’s Talk Corona

Prepare, Not Panic – Let’s Talk Corona

As the world is embracing itself to fight against coronavirus, it is getting vital to talk and know about it. With more cases getting reported every day, it is essential to know about this disease, ways to prepare and not panic. As the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to that of common flu and cold, anyone coughing, getting fever or cold is getting panicky. However, this is not the right approach. The symptoms of many diseases and infections are similar. If you or your dear one is having any such sign, it is essential to talk about it.

The coronavirus is a type of virus that is impacting the respiratory tracts of human beings. The outbreak, which started in China, is spreading across countries. New cases are getting reported every day, a few are turning fatal too. The virus is a matter of concern and taking preventive measures is the way forward. India’s sheer size raises much alarm. The density of population in India is 428 people on each square kilometre while that of China is 148 per square kilometre. These and more such figures are making people edgy. However, if you can take some of the below precautions, you can reduce the risk significantly.

Ways to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus in Older People

  • Self-Quarantine: If you are not working, then it is ideal to stay at home. Try to restrict your movement and interaction with people whose travel history is unknown to you. If anyone, in your neighbourhood, friends or family has travelled abroad in recent times, then postpone meeting them.
  • Avoid Social Gatherings: Avoid birthday parties, marriages or other planned social gatherings. You can be honest and avoid any such engagements until the risk of coronavirus subsides.
  • Maintain Hygiene: You should maintain proper hygiene. Follow simple steps like washing your hands frequently, wear a mask and carry a hand sanitiser. You should also take a bath every day, clean-up each time you come back home, wear clean clothes and sanitise the house.

Prepare, Not Panic

Along with following these measures, if you develop flu-like symptoms, it is necessary that you don’t panic. Getting anxious will not help. Instead, you should seek counselling and care. You should talk out your concerns with your spouse, children or family members. It will also help if you or your family members book an appointment with a counsellor at Samvedna Care. We specialise in elder care and offer online service too. You can book an appointment here and let’s effectively deal with your stress. There is caregiver counselling, family counselling and age-related disorder concerns that can get addressed. Schedule an appointment online and deal with your anxieties in the right manner. Know more about coronavirus from here and connect with our team for further queries and concerns.

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