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How Mental Health Issues Ignored at a Younger Age Can Cause Challenges in Older Adults?

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Mental health issues, if not addressed on time, can resurface at a later stage in life. Symptoms if noticed at early age should be monitored and medical consultation sought if the need arises. As a society, we tend to brush mental health issues under the carpet. The apprehension of social stigma and discrimination forces parents to assume all is well when the symptoms clearly indicate otherwise. There is no point staying in a state of denial and expecting time to iron out all issues.

The younger generation faces several challenges and depression accompanied by a  lack of self-esteem is one of them. It is important for parents to consult a mental health counsellor to get to the root of the problem and treat it. All conditions may not require medication. Even counselling, meditation and yoga may help. What is important is to not leave the issue unattended allowing it to fester over time.

Raising awareness levels about mental health issues is important as it will help parents/young adults to overcome inhibitions and seek treatment. Unfortunately, mental health care for adults challenges, if not handled promptly, can impact a person’s old age and disturb their lives. Therefore, all the factors make it imperative to watch young adults’ mental health and visit a specialist and get their opinion and guidance.

Abnormal illness behaviour can be seen in young adults who may approach illness. At that time, Cognitive-behavioral theory ( CBT) can work as a saviour and tackle the situations and let the person cope with their skills and overestimate “risk.” There can be many mental issues that a younger adult is facing that we cannot imagine – depression, eating disorders, suicidal behaviours, anxiety, deliberate self-harm, and more. Such health issues are of great concern and require immediate professional help for Online mental health care. Depending on the present symptoms, a professional will recommend a mental health assessment and will offer advice and counselling on how to handle the situation.

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Mental Health Check-ups help early Diagnosis

Timely assessment for mental health problems is significant and can eliminate the negative outcome that can worsen situations. Timely treatment can help people live a better life at a young age and continue as they age. For instance, an older adult facing behaviour change, low self-confidence, and changes in personality and capabilities is examined by a series of health check-ups and questionnaires that clarify their sufferings. Degenerative diseases like dementia and memory loss can be detected with regular checkups. In the absence of timely intervention, senior citizens will lose their confidence, skills, and mobility and will find it impossible to live a normal life. It will deteriorate their mental health and they will find it difficult to cope with new challenges.

With the correct diagnosis, neuropsychologist reviews are mandatory to understand the person’s current situation. The expert will help them with counselling and therapies to improve the younger adults’ mental conditions. Or they can suggest some mind games, puzzles, or social activities, one-on-one conversations that will enhance their quality of life and boost their confidence to lead a happy life. At present, mental health issues in young adults are rising due to many underlying problems that experts can decipher. Neglecting these problems will worsen them and continue till old age. Parents need to be aware and focus on their children’s mental health as much as they concentrate on physical health.

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Mental Health in Young Adults

Young adults are more prone to Isolation, Antisocial behaviour, Confused thinking, Hallucinations, Delusions, and Suicidal thoughts which need to be addressed through professional intervention and counselling. Older adults remain trapped in such mental issues if they have not received proper treatment on time. If at a younger age, the mental health issues of a person are handled well, they can age gracefully and live active lives. Sound mental health in older adults with no memory loss, dementia or other issues is a boon that only a few enjoy. This is possible only if mental health has been nurtured carefully in adolescence. That’s why today, there is a  need for aware younger adults to come forward with their mental issues, talk to the experts and get them treated. They will get back to their everyday life through counselling and therapies.

If you have a senior citizen at home who is struggling to cope with mental health issues and you reside in Delhi/NCR you can contact Samvedna Care. There are specialists who can provide proper treatment as well as manage home care needs.

Handling a senior citizen with mental health issues needs a lot of love and patience. It also indicates that they had underlying issues that were not addressed earlier. The time has come to raise awareness levels about mental health so that young adults can speak freely about their issues and resolve them. This would be a first step to building strong mental health that will serve senior citizens well in their twilight years.

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Handle Mental Health issues in Senior Citizen with care
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