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Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults

We all understand that regular doctor check-ups are essential for maintaining physical health, but what about mental health? With the understanding that mental health care for adults is just as important as physical health, Samvedna Care offers mental health care to ensure that each adult is in the best mental state possible. Mental health check-ups provide insight into how each individual understands their current mental state and how their mental state can improve.

With Samvedna Care, adults can take a proactive approach to mental health care. With the goal that every adult should be in the best mental health headspace, Samvedna Care takes a personalized approach towards adults to identify triggers, prevent relapse, and gain more control over their mental health.

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Break the Stigma of Poor Mental Health: Learn
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Poor mental health is an ever-growing concern in today’s world. Stress, chronic illness, trauma, and poor nutrition can all contribute to declining mental health. People may start feeling disinterested, anxious, low, and stressed. To tackle such situations, Samvedna Care is an online mentorship portal providing guidance and support directly to people in need. It aims to create a safe space for young people to get access to mentors and support, providing personalized advice and resources. Samvedna Care is helping in providing access to quality mental health care for adults while also creating awareness about the importance of mental health support. Samvedna Care is working towards creating an environment of empowered, resilient, and mentally healthy individuals through online counselling, webinars, and workshops.

Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults
Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults

Mental well-being self-assessment

It is important to be mindful of your mental health. Our online mental well-being assessment is a great way to determine if you are experiencing mental distress and should seek professional help. The assessment contains questions about your mental and emotional health, including how you sleep, eat, and interact with people. It also includes questions about your work environment, relationships, and lifestyle.

Once you've completed our assessment, booking a session with our psychologists would be helpful.

Mental illness evaluation

In our mental health session, the psychologist will ask more in-depth questions to understand your mental health concerns better. Through psychotherapy and psychological evaluation, our psychologists can provide the best treatment for your mental health. These treatments could include medication, talk therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and stress management.

If you think you are experiencing any signs of a mental or emotional disorder or your mental health needs attention, our online mental well-being assessment can help determine if you need professional help. It is a great way to start looking after yourself, and by understanding your mental health, you're in a better position to make positive changes for yourself and your life.

Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults

Powerful Self-Care Plan with Samvedna Care

Mental well-being is an important component of mental health and can make a world of difference in our lives. It means coping with life's everyday stressors, having healthy relationships, and looking positively towards the future. That being said, focusing on our mental well-being is just as important as prioritizing physical health.

That's why we have created a mental well-being self-care plan that can benefit anyone wanting to do something proactive and meaningful to improve their mental health and well-being. With this plan, you can gain the necessary skills to practice better mental health and emotional well-being.

The plan consists of three to six online sessions with a mental health counsellor, depending on your individual needs. The sessions are designed to provide personalized objectives and guidance in improving mental health and well-being. During your sessions, the counsellor typically assesses your mental health and trains you to understand your mental health better and develop other skills to manage your mental health. We offer:

Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults
Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults

Self-care is practising certain things which help you relax and improve your mental well-being. They may include meditation or mindfulness, journaling, or indulging in arts and music. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for your mental and physical health.

Physical Activity

Physical activity, proper sleep, and healthy eating are vital in maintaining mental hygiene and managing stress. Exercise, good quality sleep and a balanced diet can support your mental and emotional state and help you stay physically active, providing help and relief from stress.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is a crucial ingredient in improving your mood. It could include puzzles and art. Doing something to build and expand their minds can keep a person's spirits high and help them ward off mental health problems like depression or anxiety.

At our sessions, we help individuals identify the things that make them feel stressed or anxious and help build emotional and mental resilience. These sessions provide practical tips and strategies to build positive mental health habits and stay sane in these trying times.

Mental health community

Our mental health community page can give you essential support and guidance in tackling mental health issues. With access to helpful content on mental health topics, information about our community events, and regular support group meetings, joining our community of mental health can be truly beneficial for anyone struggling with mental health-related problems. In this supportive community, you’ll find love, respect and a sense of belonging, helping you to address feelings of loneliness and isolation. Join us today and reclaim your mental well-being!

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Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults

Feel the Difference with Our Personalized Mental Health care for adults

Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults

We can provide you with a personalized counselling experience, which we believe is the best way to ensure you get the care you need. We can help you identify the source of your mental health issues and provide evidence-based services to help you and your loved ones. So whether you're dealing with depression, stress, or anxiety, you can count on us to help. We also offer group and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, which can be a great way to help you with your healing and self-care journey.

At Samvedna Care, we're here to help put your mental health journey on the right track. We can help you identify the source of your mental health issues and provide evidence-based services that can put you back onto the path of wellness.

Mental Health Check Up | Mental Health Care for Adults

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Mental Health Check Up with Samvedna Care is a comprehensive mental health care package for adults that provides support and treatment for various mental health issues. It includes physical health check-ups, counselling, therapy, and medication.

Mental Health Check Up with Samvedna Care can help with depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, personality disturbances, and other mental health issues.

The Mental Health Check-Up with Samvedna Care package includes an initial assessment and physical health check-up, counselling, psychotherapy, medication management, and follow-up visits.

Yes, you can use Mental Health Check Up with Samvedna Care even if you receive mental health care from another provider. It is important to discuss any existing medications, therapies, and treatments with your current healthcare provider to make sure your Mental Health Check Up with Samvedna Care is integrated into your overall care plan.

The Mental Health Check Up with Samvedna Care program is available online. You can look it up here or even contact us directly.

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