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6 Safety Precautions To Be Taken During The Third Wave of COVID-19

6 Safety Precautions To Be Taken During The Third Wave of COVID-19

When the pandemic first hit, all of us hoped for a quick end for the same. With quick vaccinations and increased protective measures, we have been able to keep the cases at bay for a while, but with the onset of the Covid third wave, it seems like the time to reinforce measures and take additional measures, especially for the elderly. With other ageing problems, the elderly are at increased risk and should be protected accordingly. For the time being, it seems like the pandemic is far from gone and we can only do our best to defeat the virus, especially by safeguarding the most vulnerable. So let’s take a look at some Covid-19 precautions that we can include safety for seniors!

Get Vaccinated

The first step towards keeping infection at bay is by getting the elderly vaccinated against Covid-19. With the advancement in technology, we were able to get our hands on the vaccine sooner than past pandemics and epidemics, and as research shows, these vaccines are highly effective against infections. After consulting a trusted doctor and getting all other essential check-ups, you can opt for vaccinations for the elderly. If they are considered safe to get the vaccine, it’s best to get the doses as soon as possible. 

Regular Health Check-ups

As the elderly are already at a higher risk of getting infections, it’s best to keep an eye on their overall health, on a day-to-day basis. Sign them up for regular health check-ups – whether virtual or physical. You can make use of technology to monitor common ailments like blood pressure, diabetes etc. You can also invest in an oximeter, after consulting the doctor, to keep a check on their oxygen levels. 

Maintain Covid-19 Protocols

Senior citizen safety should be of high priority and at no point should their safety be compromised. Even if they are vaccinated, make sure to follow all Covid-19 protocols like wearing a mask, avoiding crowded places, maintaining proper hygiene and social distancing. Limit the number of visitors to the elderly and minimize their need for going out. You can opt for senior care services like Samvedna Care to arrange for their everyday errands and needs. 

Eat Healthy

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Ensure that the elderly follow a healthy diet to keep their overall health. Many diseases can be avoided and controlled with the implementation of a good diet. And when their immunity is higher, the infection risk is lower in seniors. Help them plan their meals and include plenty of whole foods, vegetables and fruits. Ensure that they take plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. You can also consult your doctor for any health supplements and immunity-boosting foods. It’s important to get all the nutrients for a healthy diet, so include proteins, whole foods, fiber-rich foods and good sources of fat in their diet. 

Stay Active

With the restrictions in place, the elderly may feel less motivated to do some exercises or even follow their daily routines. Exercises not only ensure senior citizens safety but also keep mental health illnesses at bay. With limited interactions and outdoor activities, the elderly may feel lonely or depressed. You can enroll them in online classes or include some indoor exercises for seniors like yoga and stretching. These will keep them physically fit and also take care of their mental health. You can also engage them in mental exercises like puzzles, books etc. to keep them mentally active during these difficult times. 

Stock up on Emergency Supplies 

In keeping with Corona precautions, it’s best to limit the outside exposure of seniors for better elder care. Help them stock up on emergency things, along with regular essentials. Always keep their daily medication and emergency medication well-stocked so they don’t need to venture out to refill the same. Also, make sure, they always have plenty of food at home so they don’t need to step out. You can make regular visits to stock up on fresh food like fruits and vegetables. It’s also a good idea to keep some emergency numbers handy. If you are not living in the same house, you can choose to write it down for them or hand it to their caregiver, in case of any need. 

In these difficult times, with limited interactions and activities, the elderly can also feel lonely and depressed. So ensure that you check in on them regularly and stay in touch via video calls and messages. Keep them engaged in physical and mental exercises to keep depression at bay. Since they are unable to meet the family members, you can always arrange for video calls with the family, so they feel involved and happy. After all, a happy person is a healthy person!

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