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Many individuals and families may be hesitant to acknowledge and address their issues due to societal attitudes or concerns about judgment. This reluctance can lead to delayed intervention, allowing problems to escalate before seeking help. Overcoming the stigma associated with family counselling and promoting an open dialogue about mental health remains a challenge in this era. 

On that note, Samvedna Care, a family counselling center in Delhi, also extends its service to different locations and offers support in repairing strained relationships, acquiring coping strategies for stressful situations, and developing skills to care for individuals with mental or physical illnesses.  Our professional assistance fosters collaboration within your family, and our psychologists ensure a safe space for achieving goals without generating conflict among family members. Also, you can access our counselling assistance online from anywhere you are.

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The Psychologist's Role in Family Counselling 

Family counselling, a subset of psychotherapy, involves a psychologist working collaboratively with you and your family to navigate and resolve interpersonal challenges and communication issues. Our comprehensive assessment gives the psychologist insights into the family's structure, relationships, and specific concerns. This understanding forms the basis for a customized treatment plan aimed at achieving collective goals.

As a family counselling center in Delhi, our psychologist serves as a facilitator, guiding family discussions and interventions. The systemic approach recognizes the interconnected nature of individual issues within the family system. By addressing challenges collectively, family therapy strives to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and promote a healthier family environment. The psychologist works towards creating positive and lasting changes, empowering each family member to contribute to the overall well-being of the family unit.

Managing Stress and Conflict in Family Relationships: Strategies for Adults

Family relationships, while a source of love and support, can also be accompanied by stress and conflicts. Navigating these challenges is essential for maintaining a healthy and harmonious family environment. Here are some strategies for adults to effectively manage stress and conflict in family relationships:

Open Communication

Foster open and honest communication within the family. Create a safe space for expressing thoughts and feelings. Encourage active listening to ensure that everyone feels heard and understood.

Set Realistic Expectations

Recognize that no family is perfect, and setting realistic expectations is crucial. Avoid putting undue pressure on yourself or others to meet unattainable standards, as this can contribute to stress and conflict.

Establish Boundaries

Clearly define personal boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Establishing healthy limits helps prevent overextension and minimizes the potential for conflicts arising from misunderstandings.

Practice Empathy

Cultivate empathy by putting yourself in others' shoes. Understanding different perspectives can lead to greater compassion and diminish the likelihood of conflicts escalating.

Time Management

Effectively manage time to balance work, personal pursuits, and family commitments. Prioritize tasks and allocate dedicated time for family activities to reduce stress associated with time constraints.

Conflict Resolution Skill

Develop effective conflict resolution skills. Focus on finding solutions rather than placing blame. Use "I" statements to express feelings and avoid accusatory language.

Seek Support

Don't hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or professionals. Having a reliable support system can provide valuable perspectives and coping mechanisms during challenging times.

Why choose Us?

Founded in 2014 with a primary focus on senior care, Samvedna Care has undergone a transformative evolution to emerge as a prominent technology-enabled entity. Today, it stands as a leader in the field, offering a comprehensive array of services led by counselors and experts to address the mental health needs of older adults specifically.

The expansion into mental health services in 2018 marked a significant milestone for Samvedna Care. Since then, the organization has been at the forefront, providing invaluable support through expert-led interventions. The commitment to mental health care is underscored by the delivery of over one lakh hours of dedicated services, encompassing mental health and dementia care. These services extend their reach to patients, caregivers, and families, forming a crucial pillar of Samvedna Care's mission.

As Samvedna Care continues to grow and adapt to the evolving landscape of mental health care, its commitment to providing compassionate, expert-led services remains unwavering.

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Through innovative approaches and a dedication to making a positive impact, Samvedna Care is poised to continue leading the way in addressing the mental health challenges faced by older adults and their support networks.


Family counselling is a therapeutic service that addresses issues within a family unit. It helps by fostering open communication, resolving conflicts, and promoting understanding among family members.

Yes, family counselling sessions are confidential. Information shared during sessions is protected, and counselors adhere to ethical standards to maintain the privacy of clients.

We address a range of issues, including communication breakdowns, conflicts, parenting challenges, grief, and major life transitions such as divorce or relocation.

Family counselling is inclusive and caters to diverse family structures, including nuclear, extended, blended, and families of various cultural backgrounds.

The duration of our family counseling session varies, but it typically lasts around 50 minutes to an hour. The number of sessions required depends on the complexity of the issues and the progress made during therapy.


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