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Are you or your loved one dealing with troubling emotions or family dynamics that need help? Seeking counselling is a way to provide extra support outside the home - and Samvedna Care offers quality family counselling services in your local area. Our experienced team of counsellors can provide the support and guidance you need to navigate the difficult moments of family life. Whether it's learning healthy communication skills, rebuilding trust, or improving relationships, Samvedna Care can help.

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How Family Counselling Near me Can Help Restore Harmony

Television often romanticized family dynamics. We are shown kids going to school while their parents are at work and how they all come together around the dinner table each night for some mashed potatoes and gravy.

In reality, family dynamics are far more complicated. Family members routinely fight with, manipulate, and misunderstand each other. Schedules, finances, obligations, and expectations tend to collide. Too often, strained family relationships turn estranged when they don’t have to. Family counselling can help restore harmony in your family, cultivate an understanding of each other's needs, and create a stronger, more supportive bond. It can help you learn good communication strategies, work through past hurts, and develop healthier ways of interacting with one another. With the help of our qualified counsellor, you can build a more positive home environment and create lasting change in your relationships.

Discover When It's Time To Seek Family Counseling

When family members are not communicating

One of the main issues that family counselling near me can help address is communication. If your family isn't talking to each other, it can be difficult to resolve any issues that arise. Through family counselling, members can learn the proper communication skills to talk to each other effectively and work through their problems.

When developing unhealthy patterns

In a family, certain unhealthy dynamics can develop. This can take the form of overly controlling behaviour or allowing certain words or actions to go without consequences. Family counselling can help break these patterns, allowing family members to improve how they relate to each other and develop healthier dynamics.

When dealing with stress

Dealing with stress can be overwhelming, especially when it's connected to a major life event like a job change or a move. Family counselling near me can help manage these feelings and navigate challenging times. With the aid of a qualified and experienced counsellor, family members can find effective ways to handle stress and build healthier relationships. Working together, a family can develop the skills needed to create a more supportive and meaningful bond while learning to manage better the stress that life can bring.

When facing major changes

Whenever there is a major life change, such as divorce, death or illness, family counselling can help family members cope and adjust to this new reality. Through family counselling, our counsellor can help the family process the changes and help family members offer the necessary emotional support to each other.

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What happens at family counselling?

Though sessions ideally involve all family members concerned with the issue, not all members need to participate for sessions to be considered family therapy. Unlike individual therapy, which seeks to treat patterns of thinking within the individual, family therapy addresses individual problems within the scope of the larger family unit, focusing on building open lines of communication and mutual understanding between members to resolve issues.

Find Your Personalised Path to Wellbeing with Samvedna's Professional Online Counselling for Depression

Our qualified counsellors are skilled in various therapy modalities, so they can determine which model is most appropriate for you and your particular requirements. Along with traditional talk therapy, we also offer a variety of online and digital solutions, like training in mindfulness and emotion control. These online tools offer easy access to self-care techniques that may be done anytime, anywhere.

Our clients have access to a private and secure online environment and our counsellors' have extensive training and experience. To guarantee that your privacy is always safeguarded, our online depression counselling platform is encrypted and has numerous layers of security. To help you get the support you need whenever and wherever it works best for you, we also offer 24/7 access.

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Family Counselling provides one-on-one, couples and family counselling services to help individuals and families identify and address their issues. We aim to empower our clients to manage their lives and relationships better.

Yes! We are now offering Rs. 2000 for each online session which was Rs. 2500 previously.

Our individual and family therapy programs are conducted using various evidence-based approaches, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Our highly flexible sessions allow in-person, online or telephone counselling. We also offer weekend sessions and evening sessions.

Costs vary depending on the service, counselling duration and type of therapy chosen. To know more about the service, don't hesitate to get in touch with ushere.

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