Unravel the Reality of Dementia with Samvedna Care: Beyond Myths and Misconceptions

In Bangalore, senior citizens make up 14% of the population, a percentage higher than the national average. Securing trained and compassionate caregivers for elderly individuals can be a significant challenge. There is often a shortage of skilled professionals in the elderly care industry, leading to difficulties in finding suitable caregivers who can provide personalized and high-quality assistance. This shortage can result in longer waiting times for families seeking assistance and may compromise the quality of care provided to the elderly. Additionally, the demand for skilled caregivers may drive up costs, further exacerbating the challenges of the availability of elderly care services. However, no need to worry, as Samvedna Care is here for you. 

Samvedna Care offers top-notch comprehensive elderly care services in Bangalore, providing assurance that their aging parents are safe, healthy, and content.

At Samvedna Care, we prioritize the overall well-being of seniors by delivering personalized care services, including dedicated nurses and attendants with specialized training in elderly care. Our home care package adopts a holistic approach to address the diverse healthcare needs of the elderly.

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Plans for Home Care Services

Our team comprises doctors, nurses, and care managers dedicated to monitoring seniors' health and well-being requirements. In addition to comprehensive health care services, we specialize in managing long-term care needs, including at-home ICU, nursing services, medical equipment rentals, and various products tailored for senior care. 

Contact us to gain a deeper understanding of our services. We provide a range of offerings designed to ensure the well-being of the elderly.

On-call services

Our on-call services encompass virtual doctor consultations, in-home visits by physicians, and short-term nursing visits. Additionally, we offer medical equipment for both sale and rent, catering to long-term care requirements. Our provision of general physicians for home visits is aimed at ensuring the well-being of the elderly, which is especially beneficial for those who are immobile or face logistical challenges in commuting to a clinic.

Home Care Packages

Our comprehensive home care packages adopt an integrated approach to address the healthcare needs of senior citizens. Our experts include doctors, nurses, and care managers dedicated to monitoring seniors' health and well-being requirements.

We present a variety of home care packages listed below that could capture your interest.

  • Nursing care
  • Caregiver services
  • Healthcare
  • Covid Care
  • Social wellbeing
  • Elder Care services 
  • Physiotherapy
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What Makes Us Unique 

Since 2014, Samvedna Care has been here to help with mental health and well-being. We focus on each person and use proven methods. Our online platform lets you talk to mental health experts and psychiatrists.

We've given over one lakh hours of mental health help and more than ten thousand hours of support for caregivers. Our mental health experts will talk to you, understand your concerns, and make a plan for your care.

We have experience with different ages and helping with mental illnesses. We offer services like talking to psychiatrists online and caring for those with dementia or the elderly.

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Taking care of mental health is crucial, and we are here to ensure you and your loved ones get the help and support you need.


Consider factors such as the specific needs of your loved one, the service provider's reputation, the range of services offered, and any personalized requirements. Consultations with service providers can help in making an informed decision.

Yes, reputable elderly care services in Bangalore, like Samvedna Care, understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and dietary preferences. We offer personalized plans to accommodate individual needs.

Yes, elderly care services are provided both in-home care and facility-based options. The choice depends on the individual's preferences, health conditions, and specific care requirements.

Our caregivers are trained professionals with expertise in elderly care. They undergo thorough background checks, and their qualifications and experience align with senior individuals' specific needs.

We prioritize the safety of seniors through regular health monitoring, emergency response plans, and adherence to strict safety protocols. Our caregivers are trained to handle various situations to ensure a secure environment.


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