• Home Workshop on – Handling Geriatric Emergencies by Dr. Kislaya Mishra, MD

Workshop on – Handling Geriatric Emergencies by Dr. Kislaya Mishra, MD

Workshop on - Handling Geriatric Emergencies by Dr. Kislaya Mishra, MD

Samvedna Care Foundation organized a workshop on Handling Geriatric Emergencies on 14th February, 2020 for its members and staff. Dr. Kislaya Mishra, Consultant–Physician/ Psychiatrist, Samvedna Care, talked about how an elderly can comprehend and respond to an emergency situation by the time a first-responder, paramedic help reaches their doorstep. Dr. Kislaya explained the warning signs and necessary steps to be taken for various situations. She explained the symptoms for major emergencies related to heart attacks, falls, stroke, diabetic coma and critical situations like delirium, urinary tract infections, bladder control, malnutrition and sleep disorders.

IMG_3504During the workshop she also checked on everyone’s balance and gait and performed the “Get Up and Go Test” to identify participants needing further evaluation.

The participants appreciated the talk and felt that the workshop has equipped them with knowledge and some basic techniques to handle an emergency situation at home.

Samvedna Care Foundation focuses on promoting better physical as well as emotional health of the elderly across socio economic classes. Our work focuses in the areas of Active ageing and Dementia Care. Our healthcare initiatives helps creates awareness on common physical and mental health issues faced by elderly. The program topics are focused and tuned to provide guidance to the elderly for to cope up with their health and wellbeing

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