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What to do if an elder member falls ill in COVID times?

What to do if an elder member falls ill in COVID times?

An elder member of the family falling ill can be daunting, especially in the time of COVID-19. It will be highly demanding and since the elder person is already sick, he/she is susceptible to contracting the virus. The caregiver and the elder member must adhere to the following list in order to stay safe from the virus and for the elder person to recover properly.  

  • Telemedicine 

Visiting the doctor’s office amidst COVID-19 poses a serious risk of contracting the virus as there are chances that other potentially contagious patients from all across the city might be showing up there. Hence, it is preferable to avoid the same and get a doctor to consult the elderly via telemedicine. The same will allow the elder member to sit at the comfort of the house and get diagnosed by a professional using telecommunication technology.  

  • Order medicines online   

Now that the doctor has prescribed medicines, get those by ordering online. Eliminate the step of visiting the pharmacist as this can result in contracting the virus and will put the elder member at risk. Simply order the medicines online. Do not come in contact with the delivery person and carefully dispose of the packaging material. Wash your hands properly after that. 

  • Ask the caregiver to stay at home for some days 

If a caregiver is looking after the elder member, request him/her to stay at home for certain days as otherwise, the continuous trips might expose him/her to the virus. The same might result in the elder member catching the virus, which can get really serious as he/she is already ill. Thus, make some arrangements for the caregiver to stay at home. 

  • In case the elderly person needs to visit the doctor, they must take all the necessary precautions   

If it’s an emergency or the doctor isn’t able to diagnose the problem via telemedicine and it becomes crucial to visit the hospital, be highly attentive. Book an appointment online so you can do away with waiting in long queues surrounded by potential COVID-19 patients. Also, check if the hospital you are visiting is dealing with non-COVID-19 patients and proceed accordingly. Ask the elder member to maintain proper hygiene and take all precautions. 

  • Only essential visitors should be allowed inside the house  

This might be easier said than done considering there are well-wishers who might come to enquire about the health of the elder member and to check up on him/her. However, request all the non-essential visitors to not enter the house as they can be the virus carriers and might be of risk to the elder member. 

  • Proper diet and exercise  

The best way to ensure good health is by maintaining a proper diet and exercising regularly. Ensure the elder member gets nutritious food, cooked at home and consult the doctor to know what all he/she can have that will improve their health. Moreover, if the health condition allows, the elder member should do some form of exercise. This will build up their immune system and can protect them from the virus and other diseases.  

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